Spring “Break”

I’m been a bit out of the blogging loop.  I’ve been so busy!  I last posted on Thursday.  I was exhausted Thursday night and didn’t have the energy to study for my spanish quiz, but that meant I had to wake up extra early to study before class.  It was a bit more difficult than the previous ones, but I was just so happy to have it over.  My spring break could officially start, well my spring “break” that is.  We have to stay on campus for our crew training.  We’re in racing season and it’s so exciting.  I love racing!  Before practice on Friday afternoon, I ran some errands and shopped a bit.

Friday’s practice went really well, but we were mostly gearing up for the real training.  We only had one Saturday practice 🙂  We took out two eights and raced quite a bit.  It feels so good to be back on the water after being inside a gym for all of winter.  The guys are pumped up too, which really adds to the enthusiasm that’s given at each practice.  After practice, some of the team went to the boy’s lacrosse game.  I stayed for maybe 5 minutes.  I ended up going to the first half of the girl’s game too.  I hadn’t really seen a competitive level lacrosse game.  Later, we went to the last home basketball game.  Thankfully we won!  I’m pretty sure we got on TV also because one of the rowers got his whole head shaved except for a big “G” right on his noggin.
Sunday was an extremely competitive day out on the water.  In the morning, I coxed the B boat which was really giving the A boat a run for their money.  My eight was pretty excited about holding off the other.  In the afternoon, I coxed for the A boat which is always fun.  Today’s practice was crazy!  We were doing pieces down by the airport and just as we were going back into the boathouse, which was a bit of a ways away, the wind really picked up.  Last year, the Georgetown crews had a few boats swamp in the wind.  The water was extremely choppy, but somehow we made it back alive.  Our coach kept exclaiming that there was a possibility of us sinking.  Um, thanks, but no thanks.
The best part of the training trip is how close the team is getting.  We’re all hanging out between and after practices.  We got a lot closer during our winter training trip in SC too.  It also doesn’t hurt that the varsity team has given us interesting “tasks” to complete this week.  Lots of fun 🙂
-College Prepster

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Ahhh!!!! You are back…sounds like too much fun…you think/… or guess not…you deserve it for sure!!! Great interesting blog, keep it up and make sure and post about Thugs of Mansion…will be anxious to see what outfit you and others pick…has my curiosity up for sure….and…stay out of the drink, meaniong the Potomac that is!!!


Thug Mansion? I think that’s a Tupac song… that should be fun!

Sounds like you’re working hard and having fun! Keep it up!


hope the rest of your spring training was just as fab! nothing as thrilling as going out and layingn it all out on the line during a 2K, is there?!