Spring Bucket List

I’m copping out for this monthly bucket list. I have a lot on my plate right now and thought it’d be easier for me to sum the bucket list up as a spring one versus monthly. Soooo… this is bucket list is going to be for April and May!
I did surprisingly well with the February list. I almost worked out four times a week (still working on being more consistent), sent Valentine’s, made cookies, got the cabinets organized and waiting on special drawers that I ordered, took a cooking class, tried a new restaurant, started to plan a big trip, saw a Broadway show, and took a little staycation (instead of a 48 hour trip). I’m adding the floral arranging back on the list because I still am dying to try!

Really excited for what the next couple of months have in store.

What would you add to the list?

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Elizabeth AATD

I would go to Woodbury, CT for antiquing! I used to live there, and Woodbury has some great shops! If you would like some suggestions, I recommend stopping in Madeline West Antinques and Martell & Suffin. And if you were going to grab a bite to eat, I would stop at Market Place or Good News Cafe. Hope that's helpful!

Also, barre class will change your life and body! So difficult, but so worth it!

Elizabeth @ AATD