Spring Shoes

Spring shoes are great, but can be tough with temperature swings. My winter shoes (like booties) might work for the weather, but the outfit style might look too wintry. I would actually say that my shoe choice for the day is what dictates the rest of my outfit. Is it warm enough for open toes? Am I walking a lot? Are these too summery too wintery?

These are my very favorite shoes for spring. Kind of like an essential spring shoe guide:

Spring Shoes

Margaux Ballet Flats // These are my “ride or die.” I have a few colors, but in the spring the ballet pink or navy are my go-tos. They are so comfortable. And the quality is incredible. I am not gentle on my shoes so I need a pair that can hold up and these do. Without having to handle them with kid gloves, you can really just throw them on and go. I have worn them with slightly dressier looks and while walking miles touring a city. I also think it’s worth noting that I wear these whenever the weather is warm enough for bare ankles, not just in the springtime!

White Sneakers // My usual white sneakers are the classic canvas Supergas. I love ’em. They’re kind of a B to break in, but once you get through that, they’re the comfiest. Right now I’m also breaking in J. Crew’s new sneakers and I have a feeling these will be worn a lot in the coming months!

Hunter Boots // Another pair of year-round shoes for me, but these come in handy particularly during the spring months. April showers is a little bit of misnomer considering we typically have a lot of wet spring days, April or not.

Jack Rogers // Now, at least up here, it’s rare that we have a warm enough day for Jacks, but they do happen!!! I just whipped out mine for the first time (well besides going to and from pedicures) while down in Hilton Head and it felt good to have them back in my life. I actually just ordered a new pair of navy sandals and I know they’ll be put to good use this spring/summer. (I have a navy/white pair with a monogram, but I’m kind of sick of the monogram which I literally never in a million years thought I’d say.)

Low Heels // I swear these are the best shoes ever invented. I have a tough time wearing heels right now, and these are just enough height without pain for me. Super comfortable. The nude shoes are definitely the most versatile, but if you’re looking for something more fun, try a gingham pair or scalloped pair. (I have both and love.)

Espadrilles // A good wedge can go with so many outfits. From springy dresses to cropped jeans, these espadrilles cover it all.


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Been debating about buying the Superga sneakers. How long would you estimate it takes to break them in? Any steps you take to make the break in process less painful?


Within five full wears. I typically wear them in my apartment with socks a couple of times before I wear them out so I don’t have to do the initial break-in while out and about!


Do the J.Crew sneakers have a removable insole? I buy a pair a pair of supergas and then realized I couldn’t remove the insoles, and I have special inserts I need to use with my shoes.

Juliana Grace

I love Jack Rogers sandals but have found so many good dupes that are just as uncomfortable (haha) and look the exact same for a fraction of the price. The brand Y-Not has some that are SO similar. I live in Florida so I am always wearing sandals around here. Love this blog post girl!

Juliana Grace |


I’ve had my eye on those espadrilles since last year! I bough some gold ones at Old Navy 5 years ago that are finally starting to break down. I picked up some new black lace up ones from ON but definitely am needing a neutral! Would love to see how you lace these up to keep them tight, put also keep the laces in place. I’ve definitely been struggling with the laces falling down after walking around for a little bit.


I tie them while standing so they’re at the perfect tightness for when I’m up and then I always do a bow! I think that helps the knot stay in place for some reason!


You’ve clearly inspired my shoe choices because I have literally everything on this list (some in a different color) except for those Steve Madden low heels….which now I may need to buy because I’m loving the light grey suede option!


Love all of these shoes!!

Also, these are my favorite types of posts (capsules and classic pieces)!


I love love my superga sneaks! I have them in navy, and they go with everything. But, I agree that they were a TOTAL B to break in ahahah..I wore them to disney when they were only semi broken in..lots of nice blisters after that!

I also have the monogrammed Jack’s in the platinum metallic which is a subtle shine that goes with everything if you are sick of your navy monograms!

xx Libby