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I have a few trips coming up: Dallas, Atlanta, and Alaska (!!!). I’m going to Dallas for the rewardStyle conference and I’ve been on the hunt for cute clothes. Everyone is always dressed to the nines; I find it pretty overwhelming and intimidating. I’m really just excited to see some of my live-far-away friends… and wearing some cute clothes in legitimately warm weather. Atlanta is a quick trip, but I’m just as excited to get a little dolled up. And Alaska, well, I frankly have zero idea what to wear.
My biggest challenge right now is that I have been having the hardest time finding cute clothes that also fit well. I used to be able to walk into J. Crew, fall in love with four dresses, and be set. Not so much anymore. 
Even though most of what I’ve tried hasn’t worked out, there have been some gems! While it’s easy to have that one store where everything fits and everything is your style, I guess it’s not a bad thing to have to branch out a bit. Admittedly, it’s a lot more error in the whole trial and error thing… but here’s what I’ve loved:
Anyone else have springy suggestions?

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I have found the same thing to be true about trying on clothes in a lot of stores lately… things just aren't fitting right which is sad. I know this is definitely not dress to the nines attires but jeans and tshirts with white converse has been my staple the past weekish. This is especially true because it feels as if we almost skipped Spring and went straight to summer here in Boston because it has been so hot this week! I have been loving trying new online stores like Asos and Threadsense because Madewell and JCrew have not been cutting it lately 🙁

Annie N Belle

Caitlin Cooper

So exciting that you're coming to Atlanta!! What are you coming down for, if you don't mind me asking? You'll definitely love it, even if it's just for a little trip! If you're looking for a good breakfast/brunch place while you're in Atlanta, either try Murphy's in Virginia Highlands or Rise-n-Dine in Emory Village.

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep

Cville to DC

I love that skirt! Neon is so in this spring! Also, I have an upcoming trip to Vero Beach, FL, so I am packing for a spring getaway too and these outfit selections really help!


Monica Giddings

Have you ever checked out Mahi Gold dresses? They are based out of Chatham, MA on the cape, super cute/nautical prints, comfy stretchy cotton, machine washable….awesome for traveling and really great for spring/summer!

Brienne Peers

I was just in Alaska in March! The weather was pretty similar to what I am used to in Michigan so as long as you have a warm coat, you should be set to wear any of those button up tops just fine. You will absolutely love the beauty there!

Forrest Wilson

Hi Carly, I usually don't comment on posts but I thought that I would suggest checking out The Limited. I don't know if they have a store near you, but they do have a great website with easy return policies. I used to work at The Limited and my favorite season was always the spring season for their clothes!

Jamie Boyle

I live in Anchorage, Alaska! Make sure you pack comfortable clothes and lots of layers for chilly days. There's lots to do and see, let me know if you need any suggestions!


Parks Nunnally

Hi Carly,
I'm guessing you'll be in Anchorage because it's the biggest city in Alaska. I spent a month backpacking, sea kayaking, and ice climbing in Alaska last summer. Make sure you have a rain jacket and rain boots, as well as some lighter jackets and a warm coat just in case. Checking the weather ahead of time is not reliable AT ALL because it's honestly a day to day (or hour to hour) thing. The mosquitoes are atrocious, so wear long sleeves and pants (it's more effective than deet, and deet is highly toxic so you don't want to use it unless you absolutely have to). I was there in the middle of summer and it could be kind of chilly on some days. If I were you, I wouldn't bring a lot of shorts. Definitely take sweaters. Take comfortable shoes because you will definitely want to explore the natural beauties of the area. Try to see Denali if you can.

The midnight sun is incredible. It will mess up your day-night awareness and for a few days you may be able to get by on less sleep than normal, but be careful because it will catch up with you sooner or later.

You and I are both very pale (my makeup shade is 02), but I got the most incredible tan over the summer. Wear sunscreen and reapply it every few hours (even after four o'clock) because the sun will still be shining at 9 or even 10 pm.

I hope this helped. If you need to know anything else, feel free to ask.



I have been experiencing the exact same thing with J. Crew lately. I used to check out their new arrivals and want absolutely everything, but right now I am lucky to see one or two things I like! It's been such a disappointment!

Olivia Stieren

When are you coming to Atlanta?! To add to the brunch recommendations, my favorite place is West Egg. I'll be interested to hear what area you're staying in!!