Lilly Launch Party!

Last night, I was able to attend the Lilly for Target launch party in NYC. It’s not very often that you walk around the city and see everyone decked out in Lilly Pulitzer. Last night, however, was the exception. Everyone was wearing Lilly. I have to say, the whole event was pretty amazing.
I wore this little silk shell. I planned on wearing a sweater over it because I thought it would be chillier, but the weather must have been on its best Palm Beach behavior and sweaters were completely unnecessary. The front of the top is very pretty and the back is different, but just as fun! 
Photos by Amy Stone
There was a line to get in, of course. Everyone was pumped to get in a little early shopping. If it’s any indication– and I think it is– of what Sunday is going to be like when the product is in stores… it’s going to be insane. 
Did you watch the Lilly for Target commercial? Tons of celebrities are in it, including Bella Thorne, and they attended the party as well. She’s wearing one of the Lilly for Target dresses! Doesn’t she look amazing in it?! Add that to your wishlist!
The shopping was pretty overwhelming, but I got the one thing I really had my eye on… the stackable mugs! 

If you weren’t already, it’s time to get REALLY excited about Sunday!!!

Some tips for shopping:

1. Figure out what you’re interested in now. Shop through the lookbook online and come up with your strategy! Click the heart to “save” the item. It will make shopping online easier.

2. If you’re shopping online… make sure you update your account information now! Sign up and input your credit card information so you can have a speedy checkout… or checkouts. Don’t forget to make sure your saved items are all ready to go so you don’t have to do a lot of searching.

3. TIMING! I initially heard that the collection launched online at 3am EST and then I heard 1am EST. So I’d start checking around 1am if you’re really committed.

4. Sizing. Most of the clothes are alpha sized (XS, S, M, etc.), but some are numerical. I’d go with what size you are in Target’s clothing if you’re unsure. (I held up the shorts in person and they seem forgiving in size. That is, you could get an XS for a smaller fit or a S for a looser fit and still be happy.)

5. Have fun! Don’t forget that this is all fun and should be an exciting thing. Nothing to get too worked up about. 😉

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This might be a little random but I love how speedy you are with your posts. It's pretty inspirational for my own blog. Also, you've compiled some great advice for something that's so hyped up. I hope everyone can have fun with the release, I know I can't wait for it to launch.
xx – Merisa @ Monogrammed Magnolias


I will totally be pulling an all nighter as well (thumbs up for being on the East Coast! Fingers crossed I still don't miss anything 🙂

skyscrapers + palm trees

This is making me soooo nervous and excited but mostly nervous to get my wish list items. Your outfit is so so cute and making me look forward to summer vacations. I think I am going to pass by the event today at Bryant Park and see if they have any of the plus size dresses to look at. 😡

skyscrapers & palm trees

Kelsey and Taylor

Question! Do you know if there is any way we can see what will be available in stores and what is only available online?
Also what did you think of the quality?



You look FAB!!!!! I'm glad you had fun, I can't wait to shop the collection on Sunday!

Xo, Rachel
Seashells + Sparkles


Lucky girl! I don't think I'll stay up late to shop, but will not sleep in as usual on Sundays to go. I'm in an affluent area in Atlanta, so I'm sure it will be busy.


Lucky girl! I don't think I'll stay up late to shop, but will not sleep in as usual on Sundays to go. I'm in an affluent area in Atlanta, so I'm sure it will be busy.

Ashley Mason

I was so jealous when I saw this party going on! Looked like so much fun – glad you were able to go!


Olivia Stieren

I love so many things, but I need to use self control! Ha. I'm so excited about the mugs, the scarves, and that beautiful maxi. I started lusting over the phone cases, then I had to remind myself that I bought a new (regular) Lilly case literally 4 days ago. My closest Target is near a big university, so probably best if I avoid it. However, I'll be staying up way later than I normally do to shop online! Just saved my favorites 🙂

Emily L

It was nice to live vicariously through your pictures. Target was rather sparse this morning when I showed up! Hope others had more success!