St. Patrick’s Day plan.

I’m not a die hard St. Patrick’s Day fan… but I do have a plan.
You guys should join in too!!!
So, everyone wears green on St. Patrick’s Day, right?
Well… I fully intend on being decked out in pink.
Oh, the perfect perfect perfect combination!
These Lilly sandals are perfect for those who don’t want to suffer through pinching for not wearing green.  I love the pink + green!
I love this Vineyard Vines tunic.  I think tunics are going to be my new go-to when I want to look put together with minimal effort.  Instant chic!
Have to work on St. Patrick’s Day?  You can still play along with my Pink (to match the green) SPD plan!  This Kate Spade tweed skirt is precious for the office!
Not willing to give up your the green argyle socks you’ve been planning on wearing to match your green jumper that was specifically bought for SPD?  This J. Crew silk twist bracelet can give you the prepster pink & green look still!!!

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oh my gosh! so my plan! i've already had my mom make the perfect pink and green skirt…though i'll deck out in pink&green any day of the year 🙂

Sundresses and Smiles

LOVE IT! Tunics are definitely a must– I even decided to pull one out today to wear with my jeans in honor of spring.

Great blog! I've started my own blog, inspired by others like yours. Stop by and check it out! Feel free to leave any tips you have for successful blogging.