(nerd alert!)
How fitting… Pi day (3.14) is the first day back after spring break!
It’s like the university specifically planned on the first day back being such an exciting, stimulating, academic day……………
It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but I was that nerdy kid on the math league team.  I honestly wish I were kidding.  (Except really not… I loved it!)
Since next to no one in high school wanted to do math league, us middle schoolers gladly filled the Alegebra and Geometry teams in 7th and 8th grade!  I’m not even kidding, we always had so much fun.  The team was pretty much the same kids throughout middle school.  Four on the team and one alternate. Each team member had certain tasks… I was the “C” member and in charge of ripping the staple out of the packet to distribute the problems amongst the team to work on.  Being the nerds we were, we kept every single “tail” (the piece of the packet with the staple still attached) for good luck.
Oh, middle school.
Back to pi day!
So, in the spirit of pi day… here are some adorable mini PIES!
Find the recipe on (who does pies better?)

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My AP Calculus class is having a party for pi day today! I baked Martha Stewart's Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie to share from her book Pies and Tarts!


Hahaha, I was on Math Team also!! I honestly can attribute many of my skills today to Math Team. As dorky as it seems, it really was great for building my future!

Happy Pi Day! 🙂