kate spade

I just can’t help falling in love with everything on the kate spade website.  Can you blame me???
And, I’m heading to New York City this week!!!  EEP!  So, I’m even more in love with everything because there are so many “city” things!
Seriously, I need to win the lottery or something.
These, I think I need these.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I love this Sidewalks of New York scarf too.

This crossbody doesn’t have a city theme, per say, but it’s the perfect type of handbag for walks through the city.

If I had the money for this coat… It would be mine in a heart beat.

And can we talk about the lipsticks for a minute?  O Magazine got it right, they’re “Practically perfect in every way.”
What are you loving from kate spade right now?

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Oh my love that cross body bag! Looking for a grey or black fall purse! I keep seeing the Kate spade iPhone wristlet and I really want it!


That scarf is definitely going on my wish list! I love the crossbody bag as well. Great picks (as always) Carly!



I bought a pair of Kate Spade glasses back when I was in 9th grade and just fell in love. everything from the label is just so classy and perfect.


I was in NYC recently and picked up a couple of the lipsticks (plus, some other goodies). They are perfection! I'm definitely stocking up on them!



kate spade

You should know, I’m still in love with Kate Spade.  In fact, my love is ever growing.
I still want to work there.
I still wish I had everything in my closet.
And I still would love to jump into the print ads and live there forever.
Have you swung by the new redesigned site?
Yellow is the color of the month.  Bright and cheery and way too much fun!
Here are my current picks for the new arrivals:
(warning: I’m really loving the shoes.  A lot.)
Yellow is the perfect color to welcome in spring!  And it can easily transfer right over into summer!  But let’s be serious here Carly… anything with a bow and I’m pretty much head over heels.
Oh Oh Oh.  Just too perfect, no?
Coral is way way way up there on my must-have list right now.  I’m looking for the perfect shade of coral lipstick, so send suggestions my way!!!  This ring will surely be a burst of much needed color, especially on a dreary day!
I blogged about these way back when, and I am still coveting them.  These are the perfect shoe for any occasion.  Class? Yep. Meeting? Yep. Date? Yep. Traveling? Yep. Shopping? Yep.  Basically, an all-around shoe… and just the more reason to get them……..
These are not my normal style, but I am somewhat intrigued by the black flower.  I think they could work.  Paired with a super retro floppy black hat, big black sunglasses, and a sleek black dress…. show stopping.
Oh, and back to my personal favorite!  Color blocking AND a bow?  Too good to be true.
What are you loving this spring from Kate Spade?

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the bone base color of those last pumps is fabulous! paired with the black accent bow and stripes.. perfection.



As always, I'm so in love with all of Kate Spade's jewelry. It's so so me, I'm actually surprised I haven't splurged for more. I'm currently loving the hot-to-trot necklace in yellow because I think it would be so perfect for summer when all I wear is navy! I almost even used it in the OOTW post for Prep Talk this week 🙂

Mademoiselle Michael

I am loving (and by loving I mean lusting after) the seersucker wallets. So adorable and ladylike. This could be a dangerous (expensive) season. I often put bows on certain handbags for a splash of color…Kate is doing it for us. Love it! xx, MademoiselleMichael



Kate Spade

I took a break from studying and writing papers to check out the current Kate Spade collection. LOVE.

I’m not a huge fan of this shoe. Although it is absolutely gorgeous, I would never personally wear them. I don’t typically go for flashy things. HOWEVER, they’re named “Carly” so I naturally had to include them on my blog. Nothing EVER has my name. Whenever we go to a place that has touristy things like mugs with names on them, I always check and am unsuccessful. Kate Spade clearly knows what’s up 🙂

Yea, so I basically LOVE this necklace. The length is perfect for sweaters and the gold bow is precious!

This practically speaks for itself. I love how the inside is engraved with “ALL WRAPPED UP.” So clever.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with stationery. Psst…

-College Prepster

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Hey College Prepster. I'm loving the blog. I was wondering if you could do a post on where you bought your jewelry. I loved the items in your stack, and would love to create one. I especially loved the engraved gold cuff. Please tell us…. the people want to know. 🙂