Starboard Clothing Co.

Ben from Starboard Clothing Co. just emailed me introducing me to his line of beautifully crafted bowties.
Now, I like women’s fashion just as much as the next girl, but there is something oh-so-charming about clothing for men.  And bowties???  I am a sucker for boy in a bowtie!
Starboard Clothing Co. was started by Ben Meredith, one of the co-owners/co-writers of one of the preppiest blogs on the block Bowties and Bowshoes.  It’s only fitting that he started his own bowtie company!!!
The names of the bowties are absolutely precious…. I’m thinking there should definitely be a Carly Abigail one (anyone else agree??? haha)…

Oh dear.  These bowties make me really want a boyfriend.  Just so that I can match him right up with me.

But really, how cute would the yellow seersucker bowtie look with my blue seersucker dress???

If you are one of the lucky ones with preppy beaus (or, even better, a preppy beau yourself)… I think your next gift for your boyfriend must certainly come from Starboard Clothing Co!!!
Oh… and guess what!  This post goes live at midnight and so does the new spring line!

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I am officially in love! Starboard clothing co. your bowties have stolen my heart! Bowties make me swoon 😉 I will have to get my boyfriend one of these! too cute


SO CUTE! My boyfriend loves bowties so much he would wear a bowtie with his pjs if that were acceptable! I will definitely go take a look right now! Thanks for posting!


My sweet beau ONLY wears bow ties….LOVE the Starboard company and all they have to offer me for wedding and horse racing season!


Have you ever worn/seen any of the Tracy Negoshian line. They sell it at either The Pink Palm or Kate Mckenzie in Tampa (my boyfriend lives in Tampa, I live in Miami. Tracy is a st. pete based designer and there was a big write up about her a month ago in the st pete times. She makes awesome, flattering dresses in tunics in normal preppy colors and SEC college colors. I have an adorable bell sleave orange and blue print dress in my beloved Gator colors. the uf football coaches wife, shelly meyer, wore one to the last uf bowl game and her picture was on the front page of the st pete times. I read that your sis goes to UF, she has to check out these dresses!! A uf sorority girl's dream!



Oh honey. You want to match your boyfriend to your outfits. That's probably why you don't have one!