Stacks- Reader Edition (Part 2)

I loved the first Stacks- Reader Edition post I did at the end of 2010… I could not wait any longer to put together another one!
Here we go:
From Left to Right:
The Silver Bangle: My grandparents gave me this for my 18th Birthday/High School Graduation and engraved my full name and graduation date on the inside
The Watch: When my maternal grandmother died this past fall, she insisted that all of her jewelry be spread out among her grandchildren. Specifically, she asked that I have her old watch since I’m the only one with wrists small enough to wear it. I like wearing it as a reminder that she’s never that far away from me.
The Bracelets: Not too much story behind these. They’re H&M and I’ve had them since high school. I thought that they flowed with the rest of my stack.
The Cuff: I purchased this in Acapulco, Mexico when I went on spring break my senior year of college. That trip was partially my graduation gift to myself so although the bracelet only cost 100 pesos (about 9 US dollars) the memories behind it make it a lot more special.
[CP Sidenote: LG is one of my favorite tumblrs 🙂 ]
The pink ribbon is a Brazilian good luck ribbon bracelet (when you tie it, you’re suppose to make 3 wishes, and when the ribbon falls off, your wishes will come true — I’m not superstitious, but I think they’re cute, and I always have one on my wrist). Below that is an evil eye necklace that my grandmother gave me (I don’t really wear necklaces so I wrapped it 3 times around my wrist). Right below that is a gold ball bracelet my grandfather gave me. The evil eye bracelet with the cross, I got in Greece, when I studied abroad there my freshmen year of college. The evil eye bracelet right below that, also has a little cross (it’s on the side), I got that when I went to Greece a year later, because I thought I had lost my bracelet I had gotten the year before… turns out I didn’t, so now they make a pair! Beneath that is a fleur de lys cuff I got in Argentina… and then the Kate Spade ‘hot to trot’ bangle my Aunt gave me for my birthday!
My watch is coach and I got it for Christmas from my aunt 2 years ago. It’s always included in my stack.

Charm bracelet is tiffanys and also from my aunt – she gets me a new charm for it every year.

Lastly I have a pandora bracelet my parents got me this past Christmas

– Emily (

The photo includes (from the left) a bangle from my Dad’s trip to Israel, an Italian glass bead bracelet from my Grandma on her trip to Italy with my Grandpa before he passed away (they picked out special bracelets for each grandchild), my Tiffany & Co. bracelet from my Dad as my 15th birthday present, a silver monogrammed amethyst bracelet from my favorite aunt, and my watch-it watch! So glad you decided to have people send in their stack pictures 🙂
My stack includes my watch from Storm, I love that the bracelet is actually more of a bracelet than a strap, plus the colours mean it compliments most outfits or acts my little splash of colour on a plain one! This is actually my second version of this watch having ruined my first one after getting mosquito repellent cream on it in the Caribbean :[  The plain silver bangle I purchased in Sri Lanka after visiting the temple housing the relic of the tooth of Buddha, I was extremely lucky to be one the few that actually got to see the relic as it is hidden away most of the time, I like to think this reminds to value how lucky I am and also that sometimes a spot of meditation is all you need!  The next silver bangle has Paua shell in it which I bought at Te Papa museum in Wellington, New Zealand this summer of my first solo trip to the other side of the world, it is a dream of mine to both live in NZ and work at Te Papa so it reminds me of that, also Paua is known as ‘sea opal’ in English and my birthstone is the opal.  The pink string is friendship bracelet-cum-hair tie-cum-emergency elastic band, this reminds me of my constant need to multi-task haha! Finally, a pearl bracelet because every outfit deserves one!  I think my stack overall represents some of the places I’ve been and the places I’ll go!
-Emily Louise
From left to right:

This bracelet is a Tiffany’s sterling silver bead bracelet. This if one of my favorite bracelets and very important to me because my Aunt and Uncle gave it to me for my confirmation in February 2009.

The next bracelet is my Pandora bracelet.  I am very close with a woman whose kids I babysit.  She gave me my Pandora bracelet along with the first bead on the bottom for my eighteenth birthday.  The top 3 beads, my parents have given me for various occasions. I can not wait to add more charms to it!

The next bracelet was given to me by my parents.  I don’t know where it is from because they bought it on vacation, but I love that is clasps together and that the clasps are gold and the rest of the bracelet is silver.

The last bracelet is a c-band bracelet.  I moved to Williamsburg, Virginia when i was 9 years old.  My Dad works for Colonial Williamsburg and I was a costumed interpreter there. This bracelet is important to me because I got it the Christmas after I moved there and the bracelet is a Colonial Williamsburg bracelet bought in one of the stores.  I love that it reminds me of my Dad when I look at it.

The first thing on my stack is my obnoxious Roxy tide watch. Daddy got it for me after sixth grade when I went to surf camp for the first time. Next I have my Yurman that is so simple. It was a gift for my 21st birthday from Mommy and Daddy. Next is my “With God, all things are possible” cuff that my best friend since preschool school gave me when we were confirmed. After that is my Pandora. All the girls in my family have one, so it is such a fun family connection. The final, and most important, thing on my stack is my Forever Young band. I had a friend pass away in seventh grade and we all got these matching bands. It reminds me that I always have an angel looking out for me.
– Jacqueline (
-Lea Anne
First is my Pandora…I got it as a graduation present from my next door neighbors with a “forget-me-knot” bead so that I don’t forget where I come from.  Since then I’ve gotten tons of charms for it, some of my favorites are a seal from the beach in Maine, a skier, a football because I work in sports broadcasting, and an apple from my trip to NYC.
Next is a silver cuff from my cousins who live in Colorado.  It was made by Native Americans, and I’m pretty sure they got it on their trip to New Mexico.
The red beaded one is an evil-eye bracelet from my cousin’s trip to Greece.  My cousins told me that it would bring me good luck and keep “evil spirits” away.  I have a roommate who’s grandmother is from Greece, and she told me it keeps headaches away, so I like to think it will help me with that, too.
Lastly is my watch head.  This really isn’t my favorite band for it, but it’s good cause it matches everything.  I’ve got about a zillion different grosgrain bands in different colors and patterns.  It’s wicked fun!
gk cuff: I got this 4 years ago and literally haven’t taken it off since it has a quote from Ghandi- it reminds me to simply live every day for me
elephant bracelet from thailand: my dad traveled there a lot and he chose this out for my for my 15th birthday- he’s no longer with us- so this literally means the world to me
pearl bracelet: a twist on normal pearls because ever girl needs pearls
pandora bracelet: I’ve had this for 3 years now and its finally full! some charms include a suitcase(for when I left for college) a kangaroo (for Australia- where  I was born)
Thank you so much for everyone who submitted photos!!!  I love every single one!

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Thank you so much Carly for posting my stack! I continue to read your blog and tumblr everyday and love them! Thanks again!

<3 Susie