With any luck.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day… obviously.
With any luck, I will find a pot of gold, win the lottery, hit the jackpot, strike it rich, discover oil, etc.
If I find myself so lucky… These are the three things that I would most definitely buy:
ONE: Morgenthal Frederics eyeglasses
TWO: The iPad 2
THREE: The new macbook Pro.
My justifications for the purchases are as follows:
I read a lot.  And I’m a student after all.  Fashionable eyeglasses seem completely necessary.
I don’t really have justification for the iPad…. I mean, I have a smartphone, netbook, e-reader, and laptop………… But it would still be fun, right?
And my current macbook is still functioning (KNOCK ON WOOD), but with every passing day, it seems to slip deeper and deeper into the “old laptop” category.  It makes really loud noises.  And freezes often.  The battery has been replaced and that did help, but a nifty new laptop will surely help out this student blogger.
So you find the pot of gold… What are your first three purchases?

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Carly if your MacBook is making noises and slowing (or giving you that rainbow wheel a lot) then your hard drive is most likely failing. Make sure everything is backed up and bring it into Apple they can run it through testing to verify that is the issue.


I have…the same three choices as you. I'd LOVE new glasses, I seriously want an iPad, and I desperately need a new computer. I'm an English Lit major. And my current lappy just isn't cutting it anymore.

Katherine Diane

I have an iPad (the first one) and I love it. I use it to read some of my textbooks. It's like a net-book and e-reader in one. I defiantly recommend it, but the screen still needs improvement it is not a good as the Kindles, which is good in all types of light. 🙂


I would love a new pair of glasses, mine are getting a bit run down. But other than that, I think I would just go on a shopping spree at J.Crew or buy a new Lilly dress for my brothers graduation 🙂


I would have to go for a new laptop as well! My little Dell netbook is getting quite the workout these days. Love your blog by the way! I am a senior at a private college in SC, and it's always encouraging to find other student bloggers. We lead a busy lifestyle! xox


hmmmm. that is kinda a hard question. i would buy the new iPhone with Verizon, a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag, and probably a new pair of high heel shoes. but truly i think it might all end up in the bank either as savings or investment. i am a huge saver…. plus then you live of the earnings/proceeds.

The City Boy

i think i am going to play the lottery today…theres a big jackpot here. Maybe this day will give me extra help 🙂

1. I would also buy an iPad…have had my eyes on one forever
2. A new watch….rolex
3. An apartment for next year!


1. A MacBook. Windows Vista and my current laptop hate each other.
2. A new car. Enough said!
3. Fund the rest of college without having to take out any more loans


I went ahead a order my iPad online the day they came out because they were sold out fast, i would get one if i were you all that other stuff is a lot of stuff to carry around. The new iPad is smaller then the old one, probably two put together. I would like to get a new Macbook Pro as well, mine is a little old and i am scared that it will give me the black screen* that i hear they get when they are dead*.
All i would like to get is the new Macbook Pro*not actually right now* and a New Car.