Starfish Earrings

Normally, I’m a big fan of wearing simple pearl studs… but these C. Wonder Starfish earrings are my new go-tos!
These were gifted when we went to the Hamptons with C. Wonder and I practically wear them every other day!
Do you have a summery pair of earrings that you wear frequently?

PS Shop more C. Wonder starfish pretties below by scrolling:

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Flor Ghigliazza

They're lovely! I rarely ever change my earrings because I'm afraid to lose them, anyways, I love buying new pairs to wear on special occasions!

P.S.: Just read your Prep Talk from this week and I wanted to tell you how awesome I think it was. I seriously get what you mean, and I agree with you on how we should keep climbing and just ignore those unnecessary judgments. Thank you!

Hunter Thiers

I absolutely love my pearl studs, but I recently bought a pair of dangling starfish earrings and they are super cute! I wear them all the time 🙂