Staying Active

One of the best things I ever did for myself was signing up for a gym membership in 2016. It’s been quite the fitness journey and I’m a much better person because I work out. It also helped me re-write a lot of stories that I had in my head about myself. I found mental and physical strength in the gym. Working out gave me a better appreciation for my body and instilled a greater sense of confidence in how I feel in my body.

Sometimes I have these realizations that I’m not only better because I work out… but I just genuinely enjoy it. For someone who begged my PE teacher in middle school to stay inside and make posters, it still catches me off guard. It’s such a part of my routine yet it still surprises me every now and then.

I do have a tendency across the board to become a little too obsessed with things so I’ve been extremely careful to not overdo it. I set manageable goals and stick to them while still giving myself grace and plenty of wiggle room. Some weeks I’m feeling barre, some weeks I crave spinning, and some weeks I just want to take the dogs for extra long walks. As long as I’m moving, I consider it a win.

With everything going on, I need this time for myself more than ever. It’s how I get space from my phone, how I clear my head, how I manage my emotions.

… and an excuse to splurge on cute workout clothes doesn’t hurt. 

Addison Bay sent me these leggings recently and they’re SO silky smooth. I love the color, the subtle design on the leg, and the FIT. The leggings are super high waisted and hug just right. I got my regular legging size (small), but I think if you’re in between sizes you may want to size up.


Crop Top // Leggings (c/o) // Similar Sneakers // Sunglasses // Fleece Zip Up

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you look so strong and fierce here! My mother has always said – just keep moving! once you stop, it is so much harder to start again.


ahhhh the bands at the bottom of the leg on those leggings is such a great touch! I love any excuse to splurge on some good workout gear, haha. I like to feel pretty when I sweat lol

Rachel C

I feel the same way about working out. I don’t do it to lose weight. I do it for my mental health (and physical.) I love that your encourage and post about your love of exercising without ever mentioning or focusing on how it is related to your weight. That’s so rare! So thank you!!

Growing up I hated all physical activity. It just wasn’t for me. But 11 years ago, I joined a small women’s gym by my office and discovered that I actually LOVE working out. I’ve been dedicated to it ever sense. It’s what keeps me sane, and I miss it when I take too much time off. In March, when Covid first hit, I was forced to leave Orangetheory, which had been my happy place for 3 years. That loss devastated me more than almost any change/loss related to covid besides being able to spend time with my mom. (Side note – I know I’m lucky because I’ve not lost any family members and that in the grand scheme, losing a gym membership is tiny.) I purchased a Peloton at my husband’s urging (probably because I was an awful person from not having that workout stress relief) and it’s been the best thing that’s happened to me in 2020.


I really missed going to the gym because of Covid. My gym reopened a few weeks ago and I just have to motivate myself to go to the gym (of course everyone must wear a mask). My goal is go at least 3 times a week.