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I drove back from the lake on Monday and then just had a VERY low-key week of working from home. Work has been crazy but in a great way– lots of exciting things coming down the pipeline!! I almost didn’t go upstate because it’s a pretty long drive for just a weekend. I’m so, so glad I did though. The weekend was a great “reset” and it felt a lot longer than two days. I came back feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to work.

A little fun thing… I’m in the October issue of Health Magazine!

ONE // NPR’s Prepare for Your Pandemic Winter Now

THIS. THIS. THIS. I had a lot of fear around going into the winter months during the pandemic and being stuck inside for months and months. But I’ve been coming up with a plan, stock piling recipes, making a list of books I want to read and sewing projects I want to complete. Just having a plan has made me feel a lot better.

TWO // Apres Ski Puzzle

Speaking of winter activities… How adorable is this apres ski puzzle? First of all I love the artwork– makes me want to hit the slopes! And also, puzzles were a hut at the beginning of the pandemic, so if you’re worried about another shortage (lol), it’s never too soon to stock up.

THREE // 30 Minute Butter Chicken Meatballs

I made this recipe this week and, wow, delicious. 10/10 recommend. If you’re looking for a great recipe, give this a try! It makes quite a few servings. (Mike was still upstate this week so I had this for multiple lunches and dinners. Served over rice with some (store bought ha) naan… I loved it and can’t wait to make it again for Mike to try too.

FOUR // Madewell x Kule

Kule is such a ~cool girl~ brand. I love all the stripes and bold colors… so I was especially excited to see their collaboration with Madewell. When two cool girl brands collide you can’t go wrong. Super into this striped sweater.

FIVE // Grandfather Leaves Bucket of Baseballs

This is the feel good story of the week. I originally saw it on The Today Show and I got super choked up (and so did the anchors!). A grandfather found a bucket of baseballs in his garage and he took it to the local batting cage. But he also left a note for all the young baseball players telling them how much he missed pitching balls with his kids. 😭😭😭

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If you’re worried about being stuck inside all winter, consider hiking! Once you have the right gear, it’s such a good time! You probably have a lot of gear already since you ski. I often hike by myself but would recommend winter hiking with at least one other person for safety reasons =)


Thanks for sharing your winter plans!
I have read that what’s going to happen this winter is basically what’s already happening in Florida, Arizona, and Texas (and the rest of the south). In the summer, those hot states are “indoor-only” because of the heat/humidity. Meanwhile, those of us up north are able to enjoy time outside, so transmission is lower. But when it’s winter, Florida will be outside because it’s finally 75 degrees, transmission will go down, while skyrocketing up north. Just an interesting observation that you as a fellow Florida person might find interesting! Thank you for reminding me to stockpile for the winter – it will be here before we know it.
FYI the second madewell link did not work!