Diary No. 40

I just love these little diary posts honestly. It’s a good practice for myself, even if I wasn’t going to share on my blog, because I go through my camera roll and remember the highlights over the past two weeks. Life is crazy right now for a thousand reasons, so feels like a good reminder to be grateful for the good moments.

I have an ongoing partnership with Sarah Flint and received these unbelievably beautiful packages. They are so gorgeous that I didn’t want to open them! But of course I did and can’t wait to show you the shoes over the next few months. I am 100% on the bandwagon. They’re definitely more investment pieces, but trust me when I say they are *quality*. The details, the fit, everything. They are stunning and feel great while wearing. (And you can use SARAHFLINT-CARLY for $50 off your first order.)

The colors of late September are my absolute favorite. I’m trying to get outside as much as possible, for my mental health but also to take in as much of these autumnal scenes as possible. It sounds cheesy, but I’m often in awe of the beauty. The warm greens and rich yellows… I love it.

On nice weekends, you can find me right here! I try to set up our chairs so I can follow the sun. Kind of like a turtle under a heat lamp, haha. My blanket is currently sold out but you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock. HIGHLY recommend– these blankets are worth every penny.

Our first s’mores of the season! For some reason I bought mini marshmallows (how does this happen?) instead of the big ones so we were making tiny s’mores and it was pretty hilarious. I think we’re going to do a s’mores bar at some point… with all kinds of Pinterest-y s’more ingredients and have the fam over.

Fall is here! I haven’t had to put a single book in the little library for months… people have been dropping off a bunch and it makes me so happy to peek in to see what’s new.

Slowly but surely adding a few fall touches around the house! These pumpkins from Target are SO cute, but they are selling out. I bought some material to recreate for a DIY version… will keep you updated on how that goes.

A few of Mike’s siblings and I went up to their family’s lake house for a quick getaway. It was the perfect change of scenery. All of my bags in the car was cracking me up. I have a problem… Monogrammed weekender, x-large tote (CARLY), and the CAR tote.

Both dogs had a BLAST at the lake. They swam, they ran, they chased squirrels. Seriously I think they were living their ~best~ life. And came back downright exhausted.

We found a little orchard in someone’s backyard. They charged $5/bag (a DEAL) and it was completely deserted because it was just a backyard! It was so much more enjoyable than fighting crowds at busy orchards that feel more like theme parks.

I picked up some mums and pumpkins for our front steps. I can’t wait for them to “pop.”

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I look forward to these posts so much! For my sister’s fall wedding a few years ago, wehad s’mores bar at one of the events (we’re Punjabi, so there’s quite a few events!) and it was such a hit with kids and adults alike! We have the set-up still and love pulling it out any chance we get!


I have been stalking the raffia pumpkins like a mad woman and can’t find them anywhere! Keep us posted on the DIY!


The Sarah Flint shoes are so pretty, but I just can’t get behind an almost-$400 flat that has a leather sole. Unfortunately, it’s not very practical when you live and commute within a city and walk a lot each day. They’re gorgeous though!


Would you say Margaux or Sarah flint is more comfortable? Do you also have a Margaux discount code?


any updates on the diy raffia pumpkin? i love the look but was totally unable to find it anywhere. would love to know if and how you did it, thx!