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A HUGE selection of Stella McCartney is going on tomorrow (2.28.12).  I was sent some images to review before the big day and I love some of them.  I saw lots of feminine and sweet pieces mixed with a bit of edge and high fashion.
I love the shape and color of this dress.  How often do you get to say both?  While the sale price is still pretty steep… this would be my number one pick.  SO CUTE.
Original Price: $ 1495, THE OUTNET.COM Price: $523.25
This blazer is perfect for the upcoming spring.  I hate days where springy dresses are appropriate, but there’s still a lingering wintery chill hanging in the air.  Layering a blazer over the dress is a great way to stay warm and get use out of the dress.
Original Price: $995, THE OUTNET.COM Price: $348.25
If you want to stand out at a formal (or prom?), this dress is really cool… First of all, the color.  Hello.  And, it’s hard to tell in that picture… but….
It’s short in the front and long in the back!  Very interesting!!!
Original Price: $1095, THE OUTNET.COM Price: $383.25

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The first and second picks are absolutely beautiful! If only I had that much money to spend on designer clothes! I love the colors of the two as well, especially if you were to mix them together.