Stop! Whoa, Now back it up.

I’ve heard the horror stories about laptops crashing and the owner’s losing EVERYTHING.

I started getting paranoid when I realized have had my laptop for two years! (Which also means I graduated high school two years ago… AH!) I haven’t had any problems with my macbook– knock on wood– but I want to play it safe and not take any chances.

I used to keep important files and pictures on a flashdrive, but I quickly filled that up! I emailed Soccer Dad requesting a hard drive. And boy did he follow through. He bought me a My Passport from Western Digital. I recommend this to the fullest extent.

That adorable green picture frame is from my 5 y/o neighbor who I babysit. Love it!

I’m not sure how it works with other brands of computers, but with the macbook, all you do is plug it in. Literally. That’s it. It will ask if you want your Time Machine to use it. Tell it yes, and it starts backing everything up on cue. Time Machine is an application that comes built into the macbook.

It’s incredible! You can go back and see what you did on a hourly basis (if you keep it plugged in). So, let’s say, worse case scenario your macbook dies. You can use your hard drive to see exactly what your desktop looked like the last time it was plugged in! WOO!

Size comparison to my blackbery. This thing is TINY and super quiet. You’ll hear a smidge of “whirring,” but it’s maybe a 1/10 of a blackberry vibration (if that makes sense?). And my initials? They’re those type of rub on transfer stickers for scrapbooking. The stickers are black, but matte, so it’s just a little pop of College Prepster without being obnoxious!



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cute!! i love the monogram!
i have the same vineyard vines sticker on my bulletin board!


After 2 crashes, I definitely learned the importance of backing up files the hard way. Luckily I have the exact same drive, and kept most of my music and picture files so not too much harm done.


My computer crashed last year. I luckily got almost everything saved. So, I bought a new computer. And then it started acting up again, so I saved everything this time which was good since it crashed. So, now, I'm nervous all the time with two different computers and crashes on both.


I used to have that same exact hard drive, but then I made the transition from Windows to Mac and (sadly) couldn't bring the HD with me. I've got a desktop hard drive now, so that updates while I'm at home. If I'm working on something important while I'm out of the house, I usually just email myself a copy =]


That looks great! I personally use a PC (A Mac is my dream laptop!) and also use and external hard drive for back up. I can't for the life of me figure out what it's called, though…