Old School

Alright, first let me confess that I typically do NOT lose things. EVER. (I better knock on some wood right?)

Probably due to my really bad ear issues on the plane, I FORGOT to pack my iPod before departing my flight from London to DC last week! I emailed the lost articles place (there’s no phone number, how obnoxious) and waited the required week. And it must be gone, gone, gone.

(If someone stole it, I really hope they enjoy my Baby Einstein and Broadway Kids albums as much as I do… Haha.. but seriously, I’m not kidding!!!)

I had the regular iPod classic. I actually won it during my senior year of high school from the place where I had my senior portraits taken… so it’s not like I’m at a financial lost. While there are 3 nanos, 2 touches, and 2 minis in my house, only the 2 minis are not “dibbed” already.

I’m bringing back some memories of middle school with this baby! HAHA. My dad bought me the iPod before a school trip to Italy during 8th grade. [If I remember correctly, it was a bribe to get me to go out with friends on a Friday night. LOL]

I forgot how much I loved it! And Sporty Sister’s is so cute too!

It fits a lot better in my Kate Spade holder (a Hanukkah gift from HS).

Well, this will be a lot of fun to reminisce!

Did any of you have an old iPod???


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Clare Lennon

I remember when the nano first came out, I saw one and was convinced from far away that it was a cardboard cutout or something. I fell in love when I realized I was wrong. But I eventually ran out of room and upgraded to the iTouch that comes with a MacBook.


I upgraded from a nano to an iTouch Christmas '08. It's FABULOUS. I loved my nano, but I literally had no space left. I was starting to delete songs. Then I got my iTouch and I haven't even used up half of the space on there…


If you want a new iPod Apple has a recycle program that gives you a 10% discount towards the purchase of a new one!


My first iPod was a lime green mini, bought with a loan from PB! I still kind of wish that I had it or that they would make cuter colors for the iTouch!


{The Young Southern Prep}


Not quite that old but still pretty old. Mine is the very first one that had video. I went through a couple before that though. I feel kind of ghettofabulous now that everyone has an ipod touch, but it still gets like 12 hours of battery life so no complaints.

Moonlight Serenade

Oh gosh i'm always afraid of people stealing/or me losing my ipod because the person would think some of the songs or so random/weird. Hope your ears are better from the plane.


I still don't have one! LOL. Bought an iTouch for hubby when he was deployed, and now I use it when I run. We are upgrading to iPhones next month I hope. Of course I will HAVE to have a Lilly P case for mine.

mint juleps and magnolias

I had the same blue Mini! It was a Christmas gift from my grandma!

I've actually been using the same white 30 GB (it was the first-generation video iPod) for about 5 years. It's held up extremely well. My fiance got the black one around the same time, and his is still going as well.

I got the silver, clip-on iPod Shuffle a couple of years ago when I was training for a half-marathon. I use it, just not every day like my iPod or the iPod function on my iPhone.


i'm still using my 1G nano..but i have to keep deleting songs from my itunes library to make room 🙁

but i'm not a techie…so i can much more easily justify spending the money on a new pair of shoes than a new ipod LOL