Travel Tags

Summer is the best time for traveling.

Just as the airport baggage claim says, “Many bags look alike.” A trip could easily be ruined with lost luggage!

I won a giveaway last winter from Boatman Geller– also one of my favorite favorite favorite stationery companies! I received four sets of Luggage tags!!! That means I had 8 beautiful tags to help make my bags more noticeable.

I picked out these four fun patterns, but check out their website for more!

I have one on my suitcase (duh!)

And my backpack! This is more of a leave-my-bag-in-the-library security thing. Oh, and I just think it looks cute… haha

And I have one on my duffel bag for crew. The big bow makes it super easy to spot amid the ridiculous number of bags that accumulate on buses, the boathouse, and trailers at regattas.

The tags come with a plastic tag to loop onto the item of choice (as seen on my backpack). But it’s fun to add a coordinating ribbon!


PS Speaking about winning giveaways… Make sure you enter mine!!! The College Prepster’s BIG Giveaway ends on the 22nd! Good Luck xoxo

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Love the luggage tags! I always make sure to tie a bright pink bow on my suitcase handle when I travel =)


Uh-oh! I better not get on the same plane with you, because I have several sets of those green tags with the whale. I saw them at a store register when I was waiting to pay for something else and I just couldn't resist.:)