Tuckernuck recently sent me this striped shirt and I needed to do a full review of it and style it a few realistic ways. I’ve been getting some, um, messages (to put it kindly, haha) about how everything I wear is uninspiring. And here’s the thing, I’m the very first person to admit I’m boring and that I don’t have the most cutting edge style. I wear the same things year after year, I wear what I feel most comfortable in, and I live a pretty normal life. I’m home a lot, I do things locally– I’m not jetsetting around the world weekly or attending galas or even going into a corporate workplace. But…. that’s kind of the beauty of my blog. Most of my readers are also not jetsetting around the world, are not attending galas, and aren’t needing to wear suits and pantyhose every day either. I love a beautifully styled outfit as much as the next person…. on Instagram. In reality though, most of those outfits just aren’t practical for my everyday life. I share what I wear and I pass along the pieces that I really like and share how I’m wearing them in… realistic ways. Is it boring? Sure. Is there anything wrong with boring? No.

Like what we see on Instagram and Tiktoks– or even styled looks from retailers’ websites– doesn’t look natural when you see it in real life…. if you even see it in real life.

HAYDEN TEE in Americana Stripe (c/o)


The Hayden Tee is a wardrobe essential known for its boyfriend fit and easy cotton fabric. Featuring a crew neckline and drop shoulders, this Americana striped top is comfortable and classic. (Also available in blue & white stripe and red & pink stripe, too!)


Here’s what I love about the shirt:

– It has a great length (not cropped and not too long) and fun swingy silhouette

– The drop shoulders style is so cute– I think it is the perfect amount of visual interest for what would be an otherwise plain striped shirt

– I like that it has tailored long sleeves. This is my one complaint with the AYR French Fry shirt, which I have in a few colors, the sleeves end up looking too boxy and look better rolled up a bit. (Like I did here.)

For sizing, I think it runs true to size… but the sleeves are tailored so if you have more muscular arms (from the biceps down to the wrists) you may want to go up a size. Because the shirt is swingy, I think it’s okay to go up a size.


SHIRT with a cableknit sweater (similar), demi boot crop jeans, and buckle flats (c/o).


SHIRT with short sleeve puffer*, white jeans, and ballet flats.

* This puffer is polarizing, but I looooove mine for mild days and over sweaters for evenings too. At first I thought they were so dumb until I saw women everywhere on Nantucket wearing them and I thought I must be missing something… when I got mine, I got it. Kind of like my short sleeve robe from Weezie too!


SHIRT with skinny jeans and sneakers.


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Would this work with a hump? Looking to add to my wardrobe and approaching third trimester!


It would definitely work in second trimester- I would maybe still go up one size. Not sure about third though (at least mine wouldn’t!)


I feel like I need a “Proud Boring Person” laptop sticker at the very least. Thanks for keeping your blog so relatable and candid – every time I read one of your posts I think, I wish we were friends!


I love that although you may not leave home you ‘dress up.’ It inspires me to wear more than leggings when I’m off from work. Love this shirt!


To a mom who mostly wears the same sweatshirt + legging combos, believe me, your outfits are inspiring! I love that you have a classic but chic look with a few trendy items incorporated here and there. This shirt is so cute!

Donna German

Love your blog & the content included! As you said, there are other more glam postings on IG, they are certainly fun to look at, but not very practical for most of us. I never purchase from those account postings, but almost always look at what you post & often I do purchase. Keep up the great work, Carly!


That is one of the reasons that I love you your blog! I, too, am a working parent that lives in the suburbs. Designer everything and dresses/heels aren’t something that I have the opportunity to wear day-to-day. I’m not going to be slinking around in a Love Shack Fancy dress and full makeup to do school pick up and go to Aldi.


Agree! I dress up for work, but in my off time, I want to be casual and comfortable. My lifestyle is not Instagrammable, lol.


I SO appreciate the sentiment of attractive clothes for us normal people. As a professional and a mom, I mostly wear normal clothes, but I like to feel polished and put together!


Carly I have to say, since you do stick to ‘normal’ outfits and recs, you’re probably the influencer who has influenced me the most (my wallet hates you though 😌). I think you hit a sweet spot of having realistic style that’s great to emulate. Please never stop (no really, we’re a similar age, I will continue to read this blog even when we’re 60).


Hah! As a mom of 4 under age 8 and someone who more recently started working remotely, I need your “boring” but cute!! I enjoy reading your blog and have found staples that work for real life (and nursing!). As much as I would love to be that mom in a gorgeous doen dress in a field somewhere…that’s just not how my days usually look 😂. Keep doing what you are doing Carly, I for one appreciate it!

Dana Baird

The reasons you give as boring are exactly what I enjoy about your content! It’s realistic and relatable, and you always look cute. Sisterhood of the boring pants, sign me up 🙂


I love your style! It’s classic NOT boring! I do feel like I can “dress” up more living in Florida because cute and flowy dresses are just more breathable in 90+ degrees! When it’s slightly cold here, I can barely put on jeans and your winter posts always inspire me!

Michelle Huntley

Love how you styled this timeless look, Carly! Sorry to hear you’ve received negative comments about your outfits/style… I personally love them and wouldn’t even categorize them as “boring”! Keep on being you; your relatable content and stylish yet practical outfits are a breath of fresh air on the internet 🙂

Anna Kay

For the record: I’ve followed your blog longer than any other *because* you wear such realistic outfits! It helps me figure out how to refresh my pieces and feel put together in a simple and classic way. So thank you for doing you!!


I love the authenticity of your blog and timelessness of your style! I got rid of social media altogether largely due to how inauthentic it is. I am also really trying to be more sustainable when it comes to clothing and only invest in pieces that are high quality and can be worn year after year. In a world driven by constant trends and especially in your line of work, I really admire how you stay true to yourself. Don’t change what you are doing Carly!


Thanks for informing us on this simple but sweet top! I can’t wait to pull out my stripes this spring! Great inspo. And yes, there is nothing wrong with livable, classic style. Nothing helps you wear confidence like feeling at home in what you have on!


Carly, I really did need to comment on this post. Classic and relatable is not boring. Funny how your blog is the first one I look at – it just feels right. I love seeing my clothes in someone else’s life! Thanks for allowing us to follow you around your lovely life ❤️

Sharon Bryan

I have this style from Tuckernuck in blue and white stripe and can attest to the beautiful swingy quality of the body. I find myself reaching for it often simply because of how comfortable and easy it is. The tailored sleeves make it feel polished.

Love your boring style!! Its exactly what I aspire to style wise for myself.


Love your style and find your blog inspiring and relatable, that’s also the reason I read it everyday. Thank you for being just the way you are!