Study Tips!

Everyone seems to be heading back to school now! My newsfeed is completely filled with pictures of dorm rooms and FDOs (first day outfits). 
I have a bunch of old posts that deal with studying… I’m linking them up here so you can have the best year yet!
Ready, set, go!
(this has been hugely popular!)

When You Need a Break From Studying: Five Breaks That Don’t Involve Food

In Case You Need Extra Sleep: An Outfit for a “Ten Minute Morning”

(my book about surviving your first year at college)

The Freshman 50 Junior (a post for high schoolers!)

I hope everyone has a great semester!

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Ali AliM

Students can always use some quality pieces of advice from experienced people. Like, it would be nice someone would tell them to study well which would also include read a lot of books. Reading has not been popular past 10-15 years since the technology moved way up high. It’s a pity I must say. I wish it was not like that at all. Reading teaches you lots of thing: like good writing skills (find out more about dissertation writing centers and so forth. Anyways, thanx for the tips


Thank you for this! This is still relevant today even if most students are adapting to online learning. These techniques will be very helpful in making your study sessions more efficient and effective.