Summer Makeup VLOG

I’m home for the summer!!!  Which is great, I love being home.  But oh my goodness is it hot here in Tampa.  It’s a rare occasion to walk outside and not feel like I’m melting.  I love that I’m able to write from my desk without having to worry about what I’m wearing or what I look like… but in between writing, running, and babysitting I actually do wear makeup.
Wearing makeup in the heat of summer is like an art.  How do I get coverage without overheating?  How do I protect my skin with sunscreen and not look greasy?  How do I jump in the pool and not worry about what’s going to happen to my mascara?
Watch the video to see my summer makeup tricks!

Summer Makeup from Carly Heitlinger on Vimeo.

Makeup used (or mentioned) in the video:
[I swear I wasn’t endorsed or anything by Bobbi Brown… haha I just LOVE the products!!!]
(I have the old pot, now it’s portable!)

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I just switched to the oil free from the old tinted moisturizer too. I love it. And like you almost all my makeup is bobbi brown – great brand and so addicting since they come out with new, cute makeup all the time


Boscia blotting papers are sent from heaven–always in my bag!! And I really must check out Bobbi's products, but I always forget which Younkers her counter's in here, hahah.


flawless, you dont need makeup! but i love all your bobbi brown makeup I'm jealous


Love the vlog! I never wear make-up, I don't even own any. It feels like every time I've gotten done at a counter it looks thick, fake and nothing like me. But you've inspired me to give it another try. Thanks so much Carly!

♡ bAs

I really enjoyed your video! Living in FL does make it hard to wear heavy make up. I want to check out that tinted moisturizer! You seriously have gorgeous skin! I also love how you stress protecting it! It is very important especially during these summer months.

Ps just a little helpful tip when you apply anything under your eyes, I was told to always wipe inward so the skin doesn't stretch out.


Loved the video! Thank you for stressing the importance of skin protection from the sun. Skin cancer runs in my family, in fact, my grandpa died of melanoma about 13 years ago, and I am EXTREMELY pale (my rowing team often makes fun of me for being so white). I really like your suggestions on what makeup to wear, and I will certainly be heading for Sephora soon in search of some of these products.


you are adorable!

so happy you mentioned spf!

i also love benefit some kind-a gorgeous for summer. it's so light for a cream.