summer pajamas

Pajamas in the wintertime are the easiest things in the world. Flannel bottoms, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt if it’s extra chilly. Done. The more cozy the clothes, the cuter the look. (Even if nothing matches!)
During the summer, things get a little trickier. Depending on the night and location, you can be freezing with air conditioning, sweltering with fan pushing hot air around, or the worst: hot one minute and cold the next.
I was having this debate with myself the other day because I couldn’t quite decide what to wear to bed. It’s super hot outdoors. We crank the airconditioning up at night. I can’t sleep without a fan on the highest speed. And I like to sleep under a TON of covers. My standard pajama bottoms and t-shirt were too much. Boxers and a tank were kind of too little…. I ended up wearing my favorite nightshirt. Night shirts are basically the best invention ever.
It’s a gorgeous blue and it definitely has a vintage/retro feel. I love it!
Other good alternatives:
(order online and add a monogram!!!)

What do you wear to bed during the summer??? Anyone else share the “sleepwear dilemma” with me?

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I definitely share the summertime sleepwear dilemma. Last year, I picked up a couple of sleep shirts from Victoria's Secret and I love them. They're really soft and keep me warm yet cool. You should look into them! If I'm not wearing those, I'll just wear a top to a sleep set.

Kristen Fowler

This is my same issue! It is so hot outside, but we turn the AC really low at night and my fan is on high while I sleep but I like to be cozy under lots of covers. I've had really good luck finding cute, comfy, and cool pjs at TJ Maxx!


I really needed this post because I have such an issue with summer sleepwear! I'm thinking of getting something from Target but I can never decide on what I want. So far, I've spent the summer in leggings and an oversized t-shirt.

xx BHB

Ahhh the joys of co-habitating…. I just steal my bf's undershirts. They're baggy, they're soft, they're thin, they're perfect. And to be honest I'll usually just sleep in underwear bottoms if it's too hot.

Alora Crumm

I have the absolute same problem since I can't sleep without my covers! I usually just wear big tees and underwear or sofee shorts.


I am the same way-I like having a fan or AC on. And then I must have a comforter. It's tough because I'm usually too hot!


I usually resort to VV lazy shorts and a regatta tee, actually! Totally know the feeling of struggling to get the right temperature, though!

Julia D.

Love ALL of these cute options! I usually just wear spandex shorts and a tank top or shirt. My house doesn't have AC, but it usually isn't swelteringly hot where I live so wearing small amounts of clothing seems to suffice. I agree though, choosing sleepwear during the winter is so much easier.