Building Your Perfect Stack

I’ve been a fan of stacking my bracelets for a long time. The first time I posted about my favorite stack was back in 2009… and my preferences have changed! It’s actually funny to see how they’ve stayed the same too. I used to be quite reluctant to wear any type of jewelry, but I’ve gradually gotten more and more used to wearing it. I even wear rings now… every day! (There was a time when I would have panic attacks with rings on!)
I tend to wear the same type of stack every day with slight variations depending on my outfit. I think the perfect stack has a mixture of meaningful pieces (at least one) and some fun color!
I always wear my Live Your Dreams cuff. I’ve had it since high school and it means a lot to me. It’s definitely a bit banged up, but all things considered it’s in decent shape! I wear it regardless of whether I’m wearing silver or gold.
For my twenty-second birthday, I received the gold monogrammed bracelet. I wear this super frequently. (At least two people ask me where I got it every single day!) While I like monogrammed necklaces (and have an acrylic one myself), I love having the bracelet. It blends in very well and doesn’t scream “monogram!”.
Bangles are an easy way to add color to an outfit or complement colors of a piece of clothing. I have great bangles from J. Crew (both the wide and the medium), Kate Spade, and Target (!!!).
I also wear some sort of pearl assortment. I have a bunch of pearl bracelets from all over. Most of them I’ve had since elementary and middle school. My current favorites are so old that I can’t really even remember why or when I got them. (I feel like they were a birthday present in fourth or fifth grade, but I’m not too sure.) I’m loving this Kate Spade pearl bracelet with the bow! So fun!
(I don’t have the monogrammed charm bracelet featured… but it’s seriously cute!)
Here are some pictures of recent stacks I’ve been sporting.

Live Your Dreams | Monogrammed Bracelet | Banana Republic Bracelet (similar)

Bangle | Pearl Bracelets | Live Your Dreams | Monogrammed Bracelet

What are your favorite bracelets to stack?

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One of my favorite posts of yours! I always adore your bracelet stacks when I see them on Instagram and these are all just too cute! I'm working on building up some stacks now because of you! Thanks girl for the inspiration!!


Portuguese Prepster

I always wear my watch and DY bracelets and then usually stack in some fun J.Crew bangles or other bracelets I've picked up over the years! Love your stacks!

Megan G.

I love this post! Not only is it helpful, but now you have me wanting some new bracelets! I love all of your pearl bracelets. 🙂


I really like how you always wear the live your dreams bracelet! I wear a bracelet similar to that one every day regardless of what other jewelry I am wearing!

Julia D.

I love all of these stacks! I don't have enough complimentary bracelets to create my own yet, but I'm hoping to get some basics like the Kate Spade "idiom bangle" and "live your dreams cuff" to start me off soon.


I want some pearl bracelets like you!! They look so great with everything!! Any idea where to get them or possibly make your own????