Survival Guide for College Freshmen

It’s crazy that I’ve graduated college almost a year ago. So much has changed and time has pretty much flown by. It’s weird to think about how a year ago I was studying for exams and doing last minute group projects. The most remarkable thing is that I graduated at all. I remember being a freshman and just trying to get through one more day… the idea of actually surviving (let alone thriving in) college blows my mind whenever I think about it.
And then… I even forget that I wrote a book about the experience. To be honest, writing The Freshman 50 was absolutely for myself. It was therapeutic and a great way to reflect on the year; I wrote it the summer immediately following. The Freshman 50 isn’t something I think about on a daily basis, or even weekly. But sometimes I’ll get a super sweet note from someone (a high school senior who’s stressing about college or a mom who’s sending her daughter off) and then I remember it.
I guess with high school graduations beginning to get underway, I’ve noticed that a higher than normal number of the books have been sold recently. It’s kind of awesome.
Anyway, this is somewhat of shameless self-plug here (sorry ’bout that), but anyway… freshman year was a long time ago. But the 50 things that I wish I knew still ring true.
I’m actually thinking that I should write some sort of follow-up about the Freshman Year of Real Life. (Because, there are about 75 things that I wish I had known before heading into the Real World…)
What’s something you wish you had known before your freshman year? Or what’s something that you’re nervous about before your own freshman year?

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Miss ALK

I am just wrapping up my freshman year and it was amazing! I guess the one thing I wish I had done differently is not been so friendly to some guys. Two guys that I met took my friendliness the wrong way and thought it meant that I was in love with them… that created some awkward situations!

xoxo Miss ALK

Ashley Rizzardo

I just finished up my freshman year and absolutely loved it. I wish I had known how difficult it would be to adjust to 1) being in a big city and 2) being away from home for the first time. The first week was horrible for me; I missed everyone so much I cried after talking on the phone with my parents the first time. But my RA did a fabulous job of helping the adjustment and we became very close. I wouldn't trade my freshman year experience for anything.


Julia Rodney

I'm a senior in college and I guess I wish I would have known that I won't have my career/whole life figured out in college- and that's ok. I'm still struggling with this as I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate.
You should definitely write the follow-up!


As things is a bit different in Sweden I only started school this semester and at several different browsings on the web I came across your blog- Love it btw!! Anyhow, just reading that first paragraph put me at ease, I love being back in school and I love my major but more often than I ever could have imagined, am I wondering how I'll pull through these years ahead. I am doing everything to stay positive but it's nice to know most people feel like this at some point and it all works out, will download your book for some summer reading, very curious about it 🙂

Laura H. Garrett Photography

I would love for you to write a follow up book!! I never got the chance to read The Freshman 50 because I was past that time in my life. To have a book to read about "life after college" would be fantastic.


I'm about to go into my "freshman year of real life". I would LOVE if you wrote a follow up book, or at least write a blog post about it, because I can use all the advice I can get!

Tales of a 20-something year old nothing


Please write a freshmen real world book! Sometimes I feel likes it's just me but I rarely feel like I have the hang of being a grownup!


Please write a real world book! I loved your Freshman 50, and am finishing law school next year (after 6 years of college – yikes!) and would love some advice on how to cope and challenges to expect. I so don't feel ready to be a grownup yet.

Julia D.

No one knows what they're doing and everyone is just as scared about it as you are. Surprisingly, you'll all still turn out okay.

Please do one for the real world!