Sweet Holiday Prints

I had another post planned for today, but something else came along that I knew was super relevant for a few reasons.
You see, working from home is really amazing. I get to spend time with my puppy, can sing along to my favorite songs, and I can get “in the zone” with zero distractions. (At my old job, half the team liked to listen to music out loud… it was an issue for the other half of the team.) Some days, if I don’t have a meeting, I don’t even have to do my hair or put on makeup. This is generally great and I love having the flexibility.
I also really get into the zone. I can sit at my desk for hours on end with Teddy curled up on my feet. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I get things done, bad because I miss moments of inspiration. On days when I don’t move from my desk, I am completely uninspired by the end of the day. It can get to the point where I question why I’m doing all of this in general!
A particularly uninspiring day (packing, emailing, and accounting can do that to a girl!) was turned around in an instant when I picked up a package from my mailbox. In all honesty, I dread going to the UPS store because it generally means that I’ll be schlepping back and forth carrying boxes. And I never know what it is exactly that I’m opening.
When I opened the envelope and found these beautiful prints from my friend Amanda, I could have cried. Honestly. I’m not even being dramatic here, it was a rough day and it was the sweetest surprise. It was one of the best reminders too. A reminder that I have some of the best internet friends on the planet. (Thank you blogging.) A reminder that little things can make a big difference in someone’s day. A reminder that inspiration is everywhere. (And a reminder that I have some seriously talented friends!)
You have to check out the entire holiday collection!
Have you ever been in an inspiration funk? What pulled you out?


PS Amanda recently got married and her wedding dress might be the absolute most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my life. (I’m normally not a wedding person at all, but oh my word her wedding changed my mind!)

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what cute prints! Great for the holidays, and super fun! 🙂 Love the sequin bag and jewelry too.