Thanksgiving Day Outfits

I’ve been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a long time and I’m so excited that the week is finally here! Woo! I’m busy packing away today and I’ll be flying out super early in the morning with Teddy. (Wish us luck… I’m nervous about flying with a puppy!!!)
Trying to put together Thanksgiving Day outfits is hard when it’s freezing outside here and coolish/warm in Tampa. But it’s kind of fun to plan anyway.
For more planning and playing. Anyone else end up driving around to every store hoping that it’s open because something was forgotten? Last year, Stacy and I went to five stores looking for overalls (long story). Or maybe you have a local parade or family tradition outside? Here’s my pick for an outfit during the day:

Here’s the outfit that I put together for dinner. A little dressy, but nothing too much. Perfect for a nice dinner with family!
What are you wearing for Thanksgiving during the day and for dinner?

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Literally I am wearing the exact same 2nd outfit..AND the bristol riding boots on sale were impossible to pass up.. Have a blessed thanksgiving!

Mana Smith

I adore the first outfit. I'd wear a combo of the two outfits. The top from the first and pair it with a skirt like the second. We don't usually change for dinner in my family, so I'd probably end up wearing the same outfit all day.

Fashion and Happy Things


Good luck with the flight and I love the outfits! that dinner outfit really is perfect. We already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada 🙂