Sweet Lemon No. 3 is LIVE!

I’m so excited to announce that the third issue of Sweet Lemon Magazine is live.  It actually went up yesterday morning, but I was swamped with schoolwork and emails that I didn’t get a chance to announce on College Prep.
Speaking of which… it’s really quite crazy.  I feel like I’m living two separate lives.  On one hand, I’m working really hard in school.  Quizzes, textbooks, midterms, presentations, case write-ups, lectures, and group projects.  After class and on the weekends, I’m on the phone, writing posts/Prep Talks/emails, and working on Sweet Lemon.
It’s a strange balance.  Finding balance is something I’m working on all the time.  
Balance between good getting good grades and building TCP, Inc.  Balance between staying alert and getting enough sleep.  Balance between working hard and spending time with friends.  Balance between living in the moment and planning for the future.
This issue of Sweet Lemon was one of the more challenging ones.  Paris, Mel, and I live so far apart.  (I only just met Mel shooting the cover in NYC back in February and have yet to meet Paris in person.)  We schedule meetings online (thankyougooglehangout) around spring breaks, work/class schedules, and midterms.  Hundreds of emails were involved in the making of this issue.  What you don’t see in the issue: us putting the coffee maker on at 3AM, traveling eight hours in one day for a five hour shoot, and 4,780 (estimate) emoticons in gchats.
When the issue is published… it’s the best feeling.
Swing by and check out No. 3!

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