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I am fully looking forward to summer right now. Being in hot, hot Florida for a week and dipping into the pool every afternoon really did wonders for my excitement. I recently tried on all of my swimsuits to figure out what I could get away with this summer and what wouldn’t work. We joined a summer club five minutes from our house and I know I’m going to be in the water a lot. (I plan on taking full advantage of the water to alleviate pregnancy aches and pains– and the heat, of course.) I do want to make sure I have a few swimsuits I feel comfortable in

My go-to, skin saving sun shirts from Lands’ End sadly won’t fit over my bump right now…. and I started researching alternatives. I actually didn’t have to go that far at all– Lands’ End has a tunic version that has adjustable side ties (also available in plus). It’s not made for maternity, per se, but I have a feeling it’s going to do the trick. I ordered a couple of sizes so I’ll definitely let you know what works best (probably on Instagram).



So as I’m hunting for a sun shirt, I realize HOW AMAZING Lands’ End selection of swimsuits is. I think it’s hands down the most robust swim collection in e-comm right now. They have something for everyone and every body. I am impressed and want to applaud them and scream it from the rooftop really.

They have a full range of sizes from regular, petite, plus, tall, and tall plus– not to mention many of the styles come in different cup sizes for the perfect fit. And they even have a range of modest swimwear– like these chlorine resistant swim leggings. They have swim dresses (and a cardigan!) and collection of swimwear for people who have had mastectomies.

And everything is cute. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn’t our swimwear too? It’s genius and, again, I just want to applaud Lands’ End!


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I love Lands End’s swimwear! Thanks so much for highlighting them – definitely one of my favorite brands!

Lee Williams

Hey Carly,
If you can find a water aerobics class for expectant moms, I highly recommend it! It is great for your mind and body, especially the bigger you get, and it’s also a terrific way to meet other expectant moms in your area.

Lorraine Barnes

I’ve been a fan of Land’s End swimwear for years! I have 4 rashguard tops (including your blue/white striped one!) and several swim skirts. I love their commitment to sun coverage and SPF fabrics. Only sad part is the cute prints sell out quickly!

Hope you enjoy your summer swimming with your baby bump!