the t shirt

Every college (and high school) student has an unbelievable collection of t-shirts.
I really only wear them, though, when I’m down at the boathouse (and buried underneath layers of jackets) or sleeping.
Occasionally, I’ll wear one to the library, if I’m feeling extra tired or stressed.  And then there are times when you have to wear them for special events and such.
I was thinking… how can you make a t-shirt look chic?
This was the formula I came up with:
Shirt + cropped pants + ballet flats + perfect handbag + pearls
The last part of the equation?  Minus NORTS (aka Nike shorts).

t shirt

What do you think?  How do you wear t-shirts?

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I just prefer my t-shirts with a pair of norts & some flip-flops or gym shoes. I usually only wear them to the gym or library, anyway! 😀


love this! i'm defiantly a fan of norts and tshirts, but sometimes its fun to dress it up a bit. really nice khaki shorts are cute too.
don't forget to iron!
LOVE your blog 🙂

Amelia Claire

I think you definitely should have added (I'm actually surprised that you didn't) that if the t-shirt is optional, you should pick a clean and simple one like you did above. One that doesn't have too many words or an obnoxious image on the front. Clean and as classy as possible.


As an adult who likes to show off her college pride still, I spent the fall attempting to figure out how not to look like I just rolled out of bed! Your look is perfect. I actually bought more form fitting t-shirts this year so they could fit under a cardigan or a jacket. I think if you keep everything else classy the t-shirt adds an element of surprise.

I also agree that whatever the design is should be simple and in neutral colors.


My favorite way to wear tees is a white v-neck with some J. Crew 3" chinos (my faves are the anchors) and Toms during the summer. When night falls, throw a classic cardigan on and bingo…instant outfit.


That outfit looks really cute. I would love to wear it! My favorite t-shirts are the ones from colleges with fun sayings, or from special events, for example, the yale v. harvard game, my sister gives me hers : ) . Thank you for some more cute ideas!


I'm totally guilty of matching them with norts and going to class. But I love all the fun collegiate tees that VS has out right now.. perfect for all the sporting events!

Southern Princess

I'm so happy you posted this! What a dilemma! I am a huge Hoyas fan and have many of their t-shirts, but have a hard time finding great ways to wear them. I have always kept them to indoor-movie-rainy days. I will be wearing mine with pride *outdoors* this year and looking fab! xoxo

Not a Fashionisto...And bitter

No pants in the photo #cantstopwontstop…goingpants-less

Happiness and Hydrangeas

I know what you mean by the collection of t-shirts! I have been rowing since my freshman year of high school (i'm now a sophomore in college) and i have quite the array of t-shirts-specifically regatta and rowing tees. You really can not get enough of them. they provide for a lot of great memories, and they are great for practices. i try and get one at every race! that being said, if i do wear them to class, i would definitely go with pearl earrings, maybe sweater and flats or topsiders!


Miss ✿ Brittany

Eh I just wear my t-shirt with jeans and my black chucks but I love wearing American Eagle polos and graphic shirts with either shorts, sandals and a huge bag or just a simple shirt, shorts and sandals


You can't go with tshirt. Even if you're having an off day, a smile and running shorts look fab if you're smiley and happy!


Sometimes I like wearing my tshirts with bandage skirts, a blazer and some converse. I know that sounds weird but I get compliments on that combo all the time 🙂

alexia dc

I'm a little confused. You say that you only wear t-shirts to sleep and the boathouse, but I've followed your blog for some time and see you wearing t-shirts quite often. Are you referring to standard unisex graphic tees or any pull-on shirt made out of jersey?

Kimberly O.

Nike shorts are just sooo comfortable and an essential in any sorority girl's wardrobe. Always wear pearls no matter what. Love the blog Carly!


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