Tacky Christmas Sweaters

Absolutely cracking up over these sweaters from ASOS. I think they’re perfect for all the fun holiday parties. Every year, I feel like there’s at least a few occassions where totally fun seasonal sweaters are appropriate. Instead of running last minute to every picked over thrift store, I feel like it might be very much worth it to stock up now. (Okay, so some are festive and not quite tacky, but… they’re just too cute to not include!)

Which sweater is your favorite?
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Tara Louise

Love some of those fair isle numbers! My friends and I got together last year and made some ugly sweaters using iron ons and funny things we bought at Michaels. It was so much fun!


Part of the fun of the tacky Christmas sweater party is going to a place like Goodwill and finding a genuine ugly/tacky sweater. Something someone purchased because they actually thought it was cool or would wear. So, while these may be fun, I find that it takes away from that aspect.