How to Have the Best “Friendsgiving”

Attending a Friendsgiving is on my November bucket list so Louisa’s guest post today couldn’t be better timing!  How to Have the Best “Friendsgiving” Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and because we celebrate our Thanksgiving in Canada during October, I’ve got plenty of tips and tricks for your own…


Your Guide to #Universe Moments

My mom and sister and I all hopped on the universe train a few years ago after reading this book. I mention it from time to time to other people and they either look at me like I have three heads or they nod in complete agreement having experienced the moments themselves too. It drives…


5 Tips to Improve Your Cooking Overnight

I don’t consider myself a good cook at all. (Baking, yes. Cooking…. no way.) However, I’ve been really forcing myself to practice at least four times a week cooking something new in the kitchen. Using the Plated service has absolutely helped because the recipes always have one or two steps that push me outside my…


How to Be Way More Interesting

Maxie is one of the most interesting people I know! Before I even met her, I knew a lot about her. While we started working for the same company at the same time, she was working remotely. My coworkers who knew her would constantly talk about all these cool Maxie things. I was dying to meet…


Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe from Living Lou may just take the (pan)cake in terms of fall deliciousness. I’ve been bit by the pumpkin bug this year and I’ve been been wanting any and everything pumpkin related.  Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou Everyone loves fall and one of my favorite things about…


How to Follow Your Heart

Does anyone else look for signs? I’m kind of superstitious and will find myself saying, “Oh, this has to be a sign…” A string of red lights when I’m running late? A sign that my next meeting won’t go well. Finding twenty dollars in a pair of jeans I haven’t worn since last year? Definitely a…


Five Tuna Recipes

I have been slowly working on stocking my pantry. Since following Louisa’s food blog, she’s made me realize how versatile tuna is. Honestly it is not something that’s top of mine for me, but her recipes are just too good! Especially for lunches which I think are always the hardest to come up with inspiring…


What to Do with Criticism

Maxie is one of those super close friends that I have with whom I can share anything with. She’s been the first to hear great news countless times. She has heard me cry, brainstorm, and vent. She’s been a cheerleader, a support system, a sounding board, and a constructive critic. I’ve done the same for her….


Splurge vs. Save: 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

I’m actually in the process of stocking my entire kitchen. All I had in my NYC kitchen was a coffee maker, a waffle iron, one pan, one pot, and a spatula. I obviously got a lot of cooking done… Moving into an apartment with a real kitchen was thrilling! But we couldn’t do much without…