Weekend Recap: The bus left the hilltop for Worcester, MA at around 7ish on Friday.  The bus driver was literally horrible.  We didn’t take any major highways and were swerving off the road and kept braking really hard and quickly.  We stopped in New Jersey at 11 and checked into a hotel for the night….



I’m packing for two reasons: 1) It’s SUMMER & 2) We’re leaving for Worcester, MA for Eastern Sprints tonight! My room is SO barren right now.  I almost feel like I’m camping because I’m down to literally the bare essentials.  I spent almost all of Wednesday packing boxes.  Thankfully, my room was very organized so it…


50th Post!

How fitting is it that my 50th blog post is about LILLY PULITZER considering it’s their 50th Anniversary.   I’ve been gone for a few days now, locked up in the library.  It’s actually a lot of fun, weird I know.  I had my accounting exam this afternoon at 4 and was absolutely dreading it,…


Easter Break

I’ve been away from the blogging world for a few days now, but have lots to fill you in on 🙂 Above: Soccer Mom & Dad and me in front of Georgetown on Easter morning. Above: Soccer Mom & Dad and me on Friday afternoon after my race. Above:  My Californian friend has been OFFICIALLY…


Peace, Love, Rowing

If you asked my dad 5 years ago which of his two daughters would he think would be participating in a sport on the collegiate level, he would have HANDS DOWN said my sister. I have played nearly EVERY sport ever invented for at least one practice: Gymnastics, dance, horseback riding, synchronized swimming, swimming, soccer,…


Have a Merry.. and Preppy… Christmas!

They say friends and family know you best.  And mine certainly do!   After surviving my first semester at college, I was so excited to leave cold and snow and come back home to warm and sun.  I bundled up on the 18th of December and boarded my plane.  Luckily I planned ahead and made…