Teddy the Muffin

It’s been a while since the last Teddy update. I snapped some photos of him last week and I have to say, he’s looking mighty adorable. I took him in to get his summer cut the following day. While I miss the curly q look, he’s so soft and extra fluffy now… and much cooler.
I have loved this muff since the day I got him. Even though I was terrified and exhausted and totally out of my element (oh, and very overwhelmed), I did love him. But right now is so much better. We have a great routine and I just feel a whole lot more confident as a dog owner.
Teddy definitely “sleeps in” now which is a huge plus. Long gone are the days when I’d have to roll out of bed and rush out the door at 5:30am so he could go to the bathroom. (I do not miss training him in that department…)
Teddy is just as playful as ever, but he’s gotten extra cuddly lately too. He’ll snuggle right up against you just to be nearby. When he was a puppy, he’d sleep on my lap but he wouldn’t really just snuggle to snuggle. Now it’s like muffin central over here. 
My favorite recent “development” with T is that he knows a lot of words now. He has a few favorite toys (Bunny, Duck, and a blue rubber bone) and we can tell him… “Teddy, go get Bunny!” and he’ll go running through the apartment searching for the bunny. (Oh, and he won’t go to sleep without his bunny.)
I’m so happy that warm days are here. We’ve been spending extra time at the park and taking longer than usual walks. After a whole winter of being cooped up, it’s a welcome change!
I mean, do you not want to give that little guy a squeeze or what?!

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This most was a must need for me right now! Finals have been beyond stressful that adorable puppy photos is all I need! I also have been missing my pup like crazy and cannot wait to get home to him. These photos of Teddy are adorable and he looks much more like a puppy with his haircut πŸ™‚

Annie N Belle

skyscrapers + palm trees

oh my gosh.. If it wasn't for the fact that I have seen him move in the instavids he def looks like a teddy bear/puppy. That haircut is everything haha. Totally inspired to feature my little puppy, penelope who def has no routine yet. ;x
sidenote, his instagram is my favorite in all the lands.

skyscrapers & palm trees