Pure Yoga Classes

This weekend I hosted yoga classes at Pure Yoga, the studio I joined in January and have since fallen in love with. I have been seriously enjoying my practice there, to the point where I feel strange if I skip a couple of days in a row.
I love carving out an hour and a half (15 minutes before, one hour class, 15 minutes after) in my day for a class. I often feel like there “aren’t enough hours in the day,” but there are if you use your time wisely and productively… and prioritize.
I also know that I’m getting stronger. I couldn’t tell much of a difference the first couple of months, but now I can do things I never could before. (I did TWO crow poses last week… a month ago I couldn’t get my toes off the ground.) Plus I’m feeling a difference in my body. My arms feel stronger, my core is a little bit more defined. 
That’s why I was SO excited to be able to share my experience with some readers… it was sweaty, challenging, and a lot of fun!
Before the class, all smiles!
After the second class… check out my hair! Ha!
Camelbak sent a whole box of my favorite bottles for the yoga classes for everyone to bring home. They’re the best water bottles for exercising because you don’t have to fuss with screwing a cap on and off or the bottle tipping over and spilling. 
I’ve, of course, done other meet and greets but this one was special since it was a different format. The best part besides meeting everyone was that many girls came alone and bonded with the girl or two next to her. Making friends on the yoga mat– I love that!
^^ And my favorite photo from the day. In the second class we had two mom and daughter duos come! 
Thank you to everyone who showed up and put herself out there on the mat!


PS I was so sore from taking two classes, I could barely get out of bed the next morning.

PPS I wore the Lilly Pulitzer yoga top and bottom, which just came out in a second print! I think I need it too…

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Christen Marshall

How do you like the Lilly pants and top? I'm super interested in getting the pants for sure but wasn't sure if the top would be as nice. Hows the fabric compared to other athletic tops? The same?

Reason #252 why Lilly HQ needs to get with me and open a store again in Houston.

Fairy Princess Jord

This seems like such a fun event. I totally believe you must have been sore after two classes. I attended a yoga festival once (Wanderlust if you've heard of it) and was sore for days. All day yoga made my body ache!


So much fun! It was great to meet you – you are every bit as genuine in "real life" as you are online. Thanks so much for hosting!


PS – sorry if my comment just spammed you like a million times! Google Chrome on iPad has a mind of its own sometimes…


I've tried yoga videos on youtube before, but I'm not flexible at all and gave up three minutes into the video. I love to run a lot more. I really do want to try an actual yoga class though. It seems like so much fun!

Running Alyssa