Tulips in the City

Springtime is just about the only thing anyone in NYC can talk about right now. When your livelihood is dependent on a lot of walking (unless you’re willing to blow your entire budget on cabs) and your living space is limited to the size of a shoebox, the winter can drag on extra long. 
I could go on and on about how I was beginning to question my sanity… but the fact is… it’s May and it’s gloriously beautiful out now. And just like that I– along with the rest of New York– have fallen back in love with the city. 
There are flowers everywhere! The color alone is enough to brighten your mood, not to mention the 80 degrees we’ve been experiencing. 
I had a jam-packed schedule on Saturday, so when Sunday rolled around, I relished the clear calendar.  Garrett and I took Teddy to the neighborhood dog park (our favorite weekend activity) and then picked up some essentials for our Alaska trip.
This was the perfect park-and-errands outfit. These shorts have been sitting in my closet for months and I was waiting for the first week of May (honestly!) knowing I’d match the tulips everywhere!! They’re technically poppies, but I mean, close enough.
Oh, and I’ve gotten in the habit of swapping my iPhone case to match my outfit. I heard Reese Witherspoon does it so
Shorts can sometimes feel too casual to me even if they are more practical than a skirt (you know, like, when I’m at the park playing with Teddy)… but this combination felt perfectly put together for me! I didn’t feel like I was bumming around on the weekend and felt confident to go straight from the park to Soho for some shopping. 

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I absolutely love this outfit! Quite an interesting pairing pf patterns but they go so perfectly together! Also, I just found the Elizabeth McKay website though these shorts and am in love 🙂

Annie N Belle


You couldn't be more right about the tulips in NYC! When I was visiting in April, I walked around a corner and was bowled over by these. There really isn't much better than seeing such vibrant flowers in spring. {Central part was also AMAZING that week!}

Love the outfit!

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

Taylor Hoffman

Such a cute outfit and I am loving that phone case! When are you going to Alaska? I went on a 4 week hiking and kayaking trip after I graduated high school. It was a blast. The most beautiful place in America!

Mindy Wesley

This is a great outfit! I love the mixing and matching of prints. This is just the kind of look I would pair with my favorite natural glam makeup routine. The bright colors and bold prints might tempt some to go bold with the makeup, but it's surprising and exciting to go with a natural look. That doesn't mean it can't still be glamorous though!