Teddy recently passed the eight month mark, which also means that I’ve had him for over six months. In some ways I feel like I was just picking him up in Grand Central and staying up for basically two weeks straight with a crying puppy and in other ways I feel like he’s always been mine.
Eight months has brought some amazing changes to Teddy and our relationship. (It doesn’t hurt that the change in weather corresponded with his growing up.)
Now, I fully admit that I got completely lucky with him. He has a great disposition. 100% potty trained. He sits on command and doesn’t jump anymore when the doorbell rings. He’s amazing with kids, adults, and especially with other dogs. (And I take zero credit for any of that. Really, this might be the only case where I attribute sheer luck to a situation.)
Teddy and I have a great time together and he has completely won over my heart and converted me to a full fledged crazy dog lady. Once I know what my next step is in life, and hopefully I’ll have a better idea come the end of September, I really want to get another dog. I imagine that I’ll have to wait a few years… when my travel schedule slows down and when I can afford a bigger apartment or to buy a house out of the city. (Life.)
Beyond just making me completely obsessed with any and all dogs, he’s seriously made me a better person. I know SO many people in my neighborhood, get up early to walk for 40 minutes in the morning, take serious breaks from the computer/work, and take myself and work less seriously– in a good way.
The whole puppy stage was extremely difficult and while I’m glad we’re mostly in the clear of the hard stuff, I do look back and think it made me fall in love with him in a deep way. Funny how that works. (I also believe that’s why puppies are so darn cute, otherwise you’d give up on them!)
When I say that Teddy is the highlight of my life right now, it would still be an understatement. Whether he’s resting his head on my feet while I work or we’re out walking around the neighborhood, I LOVE having him be a part of my life. 
Those eyes! He’s cute in photos, but I swear he’s even cuter in person. The little guy has a massive personality.


PS I’m wearing an old J. Crew rugby dress, the J. Crew field jacket, and my favorite sneaks (sold out, but this pair and this pair and this pair are similar).

PS What I didn’t expect when I got Teddy…

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Denise Kidd

Hi Carly! I know exactly what you mean about the IRL cute vs. photo cute. We got Nelson when he was almost 8 from a Yorkie rescue organization (he's now just shy of 12), and he has some health issues, so we don't know how long he will be with us (my mom's Yorkie lived to be 21!), so I try to take as many pictures as I can! Thank you for sharing your photos with us – I hope this isn't too creeptastic, but I'd love to share some photos of him with you, but the photo cuteness doesn't compare to the IRL cuteness. 🙂


He is just the cutest. I want to get a dog so bad now that I have graduated for law school, but I have to live with my parents this summer while I study for the bar and my dad doesn't want me to get a dog right now. I can't wait until I can get one though!!

Jessica Mezo

Teddy is absolutely adorable. You definitely got lucky when it comes to his personality – what type of dog is he? My dog, Colby, has the same basic personality – he doesn't bark or anything. Everyone thinks its so weird. 🙂 Now, his empathy gene is missing…but other than that, I adore him.

Lauren Rose

He is so cute! You got very lucky with him, not all dogs are that easy! But I'm so happy for you to have found such an amazing dog, they truly change lives for the better!


omg he is so adorable. He really is!!!! Pets are the best. Keep up the good work both with raising teddy and your blog – its my fav blog.

Sarah Campo

I am a new reader to your blog and feel in love as soon as I saw Teddy – he so cute! Not sure if you heard of the Waterlogue iphone app but I thought the last photo of Teddy would look amazing done it watercolor. I was hooked the first time I tried it – have fun!