Tennis Whites

With Wimbledon underway, I’ve been thinking of tennis! I played for a bit (seriously I’ve dabbled in every sport imaginable) in elementary school at our country club. I wasn’t really that great, although I (obviously) loved the skirts. Actually, now that I think of it, I had the American Girl tennis outfit for my doll too. My sister, sporty as she is, was just leaps and bounds better than I was. We both took private lessons and I even signed up for a weeklong torturous camp one summer.
I think at one point, I was frustrated that my sister was better. She must have won a game or a silly contest. I threw a racket at her head. That was pretty much the end of my tennis career.
However, every time the weather warms up, I definitely get that itch to play again. Recreationally, of course. It’s such a great workout and it’s fun too.
Well… I’m not signing up for lessons anytime soon, but I pulled together some tennis whites to get in the spirit!
Do you play tennis?

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I adore that bracelet and the Supergas. I am terrible at sports, so I never try. I'm more likely to be the lady sitting at the country club with the drink at 11 am in my tennis outfit, instead of actually playing any sport.

Fashion and Happy Things

Hunter Thiers

What a cute outfit! I really like the bow bracelet! I used to play volleyball, so I know how you feel. It is much funner playing the sport for recreation. Playing for competition was just too much for me!


Katie + Courtney

I laughed out loud at the throwing your racquet part. I took lessons with my sister too when I was younger and it would be SO frustrating that I would be tempted to do the same;)

Anyway, I love all the tennis whites and keeping up with Wimbledon, despite all the upsets that have occurred thus far!

The Hunter-Gatherers


i threw a racket at my brother. because he hit me in the face with the tennis ball on purpose. we weren't allowed to play sports together after that.

Kristin Thompson

I wanted to play tennis for the skirt too! I love the bow bracelet and the monogram bracelet, bows and monograms are two of my favorite things right now. Also, you & your sister remind me of my sister and me!!