The Great Gatsby

How cool is this feature on the New York Times!? It’s an interactive feature with all the covers of The Great Gatsby… I’m getting super excited for the movie premier. Oh, we’ve been waiting for so long!!! I hope the wait was worth it…
Anyway, here are my favorite covers:
Which cover is your favorite? Are you excited for the movie?

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I'm a sucker for the original Francis Coradal-Cugat cover 🙂 It's the cover on the version I have, and I think it's beautiful and powerful. Can't wait for the movie!


I have to say my favorite is the classic blue one but I also love the Everyman one with the vintage car on the front! Can't wait for the movie to come out 🙂

Chelsea MacMeekin

I am oh-so-excited for the Great Gatsby movie! If you are looking for a good book that is Gatsby-esque, check out Z when you get a chance. It's awesome!

Ashley Mason

I'm SO excited for the movie! My English class just finished reading the book about two weeks ago, and we're going to see the movie on a field trip!

Cairee Alyse

I read the Great Gatsby for 11th grade AP English and loved it! Definitely can't wait for the movie and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors! Need to reread the book.


My ex-boyfriend's favorite book is The Great Gatsby. For holidays and
"just because" I would get him different editions. In a year, I found around eleven different copies, some in different languages. It was such a fun gift to give!