Tortoiseshell and Pink

I was pulling images for a mood board this weekend and I started seeing a trend in what I was pulling. Pink. And tortoiseshell. I have simply fallen in love with the combination. Honestly. It’s kind of perfect.  I like the classic look of the tortoiseshell and the modern (huge pop of color) with the pink.
I’m definitely going to start incorporating this combination just about everywhere. Perfect way to accessorize simple outfits.
What do you think of the color combination?

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I love this combination! Such a fun summer look! I think you can combine this print with a ton of bright colors!

Cairee Alyse

I am not much of a pink person, but love the idea of mixing tortoiseshell with a solid color! I would probably choose green or navy 🙂 Love tortoiseshell alone also, it's perfect in every way really.