The Robe

When I graduated college, I received a robe as a gift from a family friend. My sister and I had robes as kids (white terry cloth, red piping, embroidered names) that we pretty much only wore once a year: Christmas morning. I never really had a reason for a robe until college when I started living with roommates throughout the year. I loved popping the robe on after a shower to put on my makeup and to do my hair.
At some point, after graduating, I stopped wearing it. I think when I lived alone in NYC I didn’t exactly need the robe. It sat at the bottom of a drawer.
I went to a Kate Spade preview about six months ago, and the little takeaway gift was a soft, cute robe. I didn’t use it for a while but rediscovered it in my closet a few weeks ago. I’ve been wearing it every day. I’m totally back on board with the whole robe thing. 

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I go through phases with robes too! As a kid, I had to have a big pink one that I never actually wore, and I've had a couple as an adult that I just kept forgetting to use. Every now and then, though, I will go a month or more where I grab it almost every day to get ready in. I feel like a grown up wearing them lol.

Sweet Spontaneity


Great roundup! (But, word to Kate Spade, a plain polyester robe should not cost $118. Just no. I recommend Mary Green for a lux silk robe for only slightly more.)