These Shoes Were Made for Walking

We walk so much in New York City in general. Even working at a desk (and hardly moving) the entire day, I still walk a ton. Now that I have the Jawbone UP band though, I walk even more. It’s top of mind for me knowing that my steps are being tracked. I choose to walk instead of taking the subway. It takes a little bit more time, but the fresh air (even if it’s cold) is amazing! I can absolutely clear my head… I pop in my headphones and just walk out all the nervous energies.
Now, the one problem is that my feet can really hurt from all that walking. I definitely want to wear cute shoes, but I also have to be able to get my steps in!!
These three shoes are my go-tos.
Cece Flats | The J. Crew ballet flats are just really great. I do love my regular flats, but I just bought the Cece flat and they are truly perfect. The leather is basically already broken in for you. I walked 13,000 steps on the first wear with zero blisters. That, my friends, is a success when it comes to shoes.
TOMS | These are the shoes that I wear on the weekends when I’m running random errands. They’re just comfortable and super easy to throw on. In fact, if I’m wearing more uncomfortable shoes to work, I’ll wear these walking to the subway stop and change when I get to work. They’re pretty compact!
Canvas Sneaks | Casual weekends are my favorite. These are super cheap (seriously, can I get them in every color?) and they’re just great for lazy days. But they’re still cute. You get the benefits of sneakers (although you wouldn’t want to run three miles in them) and they go with regular outfits.
My boots during the winter were always really comfortable and kept my feet warm. Now that it’s (sort of) warming up though, I’m definitely looking for new options too.
What’s your favorite comfortable (and cute) pair of shoes?

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Vina Smith

This was seriously perfect timing!! I was planning on purchasing some durable but cute walking shoes this weekend and had no idea what to get. You must have read my mind 🙂



Definitely Toms are my go to shoes for comfort! They don't do much for the cold though… My feet were frozen when I wore them on a windy day! 🙁


I'm obsessed with Nike Free Runs. They are amazingly comfortable, and they come in some pretty awesome colors!


I LOVE Tieks ( Pricey (~$150), but they're about the only pair of flats I have that I can say are truly comfortable. Leather is super soft.

Hannah B.

I was not a fan of the subway when we were living in NYC this summer and tried to walk as much as possible. My Go-To's were a funky pair of Cole Haan Oxfords that I have since bought in another color just because they're that fantastic.

Josephine Hoang

Same! TOMS and my neon pink Nike free runs are my go to shoes! I also love that TOMS last quite a while (Except horrible in rainy weather!!)


Ms. Curieuse

Honestly, I think Tieks are the most comfortable, and much cuter than Toms (sorry, I just never got on board with that look!). Tieks also fold up, so they can fit in your bag – essential for days when it's time to change out of work/evening heels.


Michelle, I recommend the TOMS anyway. The soles are pretty supportive and the stitching is fairy good. The knock off brands are cheaper for a reason and I doubt they'd be as comfortable! Plus each pair bought donates to someone in need 😉


Whenever it's not warm enough for sandals (in my climate, 50 degrees haha), I stick to flats. Never been much of a heel person, even though I am short. My go to flats include classic leather topsiders, vera wang lavender flats or tory burch! But my much preferred type of footwear are definitely Bernardo leather sandals. The craftsmanship is awesome and you can't beat the comfort of Italian leather. I highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't have any! Try the internet though because I have seen them in shops at almost a $100 mark up.