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Maybe it’s the weather (it seems like it’s always the weather nowadays)… or maybe it’s that I finally got off the worst emotional roller coaster (ever)… or maybe it’s that my family just got back from Mexico… or maybe it’s just that I’m realizing that I’m 23 and a real adult who doesn’t feel grown up.
Regardless of the reason, I’m actually feeling kind of homesick. A couple of the girls I work with and I feel the same way, which is kind of a nice reassurance that I’m not alone in this.
I don’t know when the next time I’m going “home.” It’s weird that Florida isn’t really my home anymore… New York City is. 
They have all the states! You could get one for where you were born, where you grew up, the state where you got married, where you went to school… etc. I think they’d be fun to layer too!
Do you ever experience homesickness?

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I love that Florida necklace!! As a Floridian now living on another continent, I definitely think I need that!
I'm not home sick as much as I am "sun-sick". I miss the sun so much!

Niki A

The only time I experience homesickness is when I am way from my hubby and kids for more than a day. For some reason I get sick to my stomach and miss them terribly. I hope you are able to go home soon. {sending you hugs}

The Unreal Life

I have had my eye on the MI one for some time 😉 Funny that we both see this symbolic necklace as a great cure to our homesick blues! There's just something about it's delicacy that's perfect.

Sarah K.

I bought a necklace from Etsy that has all three of my "home" states on it. New Jersey (where I'm from), Texas (where I went to college), and California (where I currently live). It was so nice to be able to customize and get three states all on one necklace. It makes me feel a little more connected to my homes whenever I get homesick.

Kelsey Odorczyk

I'm one of probably five people at my school from the city where I grew up, and the only one from my town/high school. I always get rochester sick, but it makes the times when i do get to go home feel extra special. its also something that makes me unique at school–im not just another girl from the tri-state area

Katie McC

Francesca's has the cutest Florida pendant necklace and I think its adorable but I love how this one is solid! I deff understand what you mean when you say homesick. I've felt like that more than none when I was away at school. I can't imagine having lived in another state when I went away to school, so I can only imagine how hard it might be to live in a different state altogether but I am sure all of you in NYC will be having a blast in the summer! Especially when it's warm.


They have really cute state pendants on Etsy! Tons! Literally any style and material you could imagine. Love them.


i moved to a new state after college for my job without knowing a single person in the big city i moved to. totally feel ya. and totally buying a necklace of my home state (though i think i prefer the ones on etsy with a heart cut out of the charm over your city)


I've been living in Asia for the past 7 months and surprisingly my homesickness hasn't been too bad. But sometimes I cry thinking about my mom :/


I NEED this. I recently moved from Florida to a small town in the Midwest. I am getting used to things up here and making lots of friends, but I miss my Sunshine State.