Tiny Hints of Holiday Cheer

Want to know a little bit of a secret? I’m not really into the holidays. Any holiday, for the matter. Whether it’s a birthday or Valentine’s Day or simply National [Fill in the Blank] Day…. I just don’t get it. I (obviously) understand the religious aspects of holidays. And I can understand hy some people get into the various holiday spirits. But it’s just not me.
My apartment will happily remain decoration free. (Sorry Mom…) So there will be no cute Instagrams coming from my account! I would also like to point out here, that I wouldn’t even know where to put a tree in this apartment. (“No room! No room!”)
There are few things that I don’t mind about the holidays.
The first is some music. Back in high school, Christmas music sheets were passed around right after our fall concert. We would prepare for our Madrigal Dinners for the two months leading up to the big weekend. By the time December rolled around, I would have rather shot myself in the foot than sing about fig pudding for another second. BUT, I have the best memories from Madrigals!
And I absolutely count down the days until holiday shaped Reese’s cups come out. They simply taste better. (I think there’s a different chocolate/peanut butter ratio than the normal cups…. or there’s crack in it. Something like that.)
While I wouldn’t proclaim myself an all-out Grinch, I’m certainly no Cindy Lou Who (pre-Gossip Girl. ha).
(Stacy and her friends all dressed up like Whos one year!)
I like reading blogs with holiday decoration tutorials. I enjoy Instagram-snippets of trees and trimmings in other people’s apartment. Christmas tree scented candles are nice. And Gingerbread Lattes are sweet too.
I hope that my love for Christmas movies will redeem me some Holiday Cheer Points.
Eloise at Christmastime is a favorite! I don’t care how old you are, it’s way adorable.
Other favorites: The Holiday, Love Actually, The Santa Clause (this is an ultimate Heitlinger Family favorite).
What’s your take on holidays– are you a Cindy Lou Who or a Grinch, or somewhere in between? What’s your favorite holiday movies?


PS I will admit that I find NYC this time of year to be extra amazing. My anti-decoration tendencies may be cracking a bit from all the lights and trees everywhere. Where do New Yorkers buy Christmas trees? On the sidewalk. Who knew?! 

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Kelsey Odorczyk

i just texted my mom about new yorkers buying trees on the sidewalk! i would have never guessed! i also guess i never thought about it. or assumed they all had fakes. its such a new concept to me


My family and I recreate the house decorations in "Elf"…we cut hundreds of paper snow flakes and paper chains and hang them all over the house. We light a fire everyday, drink cocoa, and sit by the Christmas tree. My family freaking LOVES Christmas.

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget

I have somewhat of the same reaction as you when it comes to the holidays! I enjoy them, I just don't go over the top. LOVE the movies though! The Holiday and The Family Stone are my all-time favorites. And of course, it's a family tradition to watch A Christmas Story!

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Love actually is my all time favorite movie! I watch it year round! Eloise at Christmas time is amazing too!! I will never be too old for that!!!


Living in New York City, you should watch "Miracle on 34th Street" either the old or newer version. I love them both! Also, even if you don't have a Christmas tree, stringing twinkle lights up can be fun. There's something magical about their glow!


Honestly, I don't get crazy for the holidays either; we decorate a bit, so the house looks a little brighter with a few lights and a tree, but this perennial madness is just that: CRAZY! And I REFUSE to shop on Black Friday! One thing we DO like, a bit of nostalgic tradition, is the holiday movie lineup. I got the Hopper DVR from DISH, and when a DISH coworker told me I could use PrimeTime Anytime to record every primetime show from all four major networks, I was sold. Now, since the holiday movies air throughout December on these networks, I can just set PTAT, it'll record and store them for me, and I won't have to journey to the dreaded Wal-Mart to get the kids their movies!


I usually love the Christmas holidays, but this year.. I'm just ready for them to be over. Although, I have been eating Reese's and watching Love Actually nearly every day since Halloween.


I'm def somewhere in the middle. I don't mind listening to holiday music but I'm also not the one whose going to decorate the whole house after thanksgiving.

That Eloise movie is the best and she is the best. I haven't tried the Reese's holiday ones so will def keep that in mind. I love watching The Holiday, Love Actually, and Home Alone (all of them). I would love to see Rise of The Guardians


Julia D.

This is definitely one area I can't agree with you on, because I LOVE Christmas! Something about this time of year just gets me. Things are sparklier and nicer, there's magic in the air. Eloise at Christmastime and Love Actually are AMAZING!

Paige Ladisic

I think Christmas has its ups and downs. I love the holidays, but I definitely lose my spirit in December for whatever reason, up until right before Christmas Day! Sometimes it just gets a little too much.

Mrs. Dork

My mom and I love Eloise at Christmastime! We always enjoy watching Christmas movies, and that one is by far our favorite. I also agree with you on the Reese's point. Normal ones have too much chocolate!