Organize, Please: Travel Bags

I feel like this is the first ten day stretch where I’m not going somewhere. Packing is normally not my forte. (I stress out about it and always forget something despite seriously overpacking.) One thing that I have down pat from all my recent travels is packing toiletries.
I actually feel like packing toiletries is one of the trickiest parts about packing. Yes, you can always get what you need when you get there… but I like using my own products.
My trick? Keep the counter completely clear while you get ready, but don’t put anything you use away. If I’m leaving for the airport early in the morning, I’ll pack my shower things after I use them most likely the night before. Then I do my makeup, but as I apply each product, I made a pile on my counter which all gets added to a toiletry bag at the end. If I’m leaving in the afternoon, I’ll do the same process, but first thing in the morning when I get ready soon. (That is, I always pack my toiletries immediately after my last “getting ready” moment before my trip.)
This also helps ensure that I’m only packing products I actually use and that I don’t forget my favorite must-haves. 
The next trick is having the right bags to organize everything in. I LOVE using square or “boxy” shapes for bags because they fit so much more nicely in a suitcase. 
My favorites: ML Traveler (c/o) // Grace Brush Case (c/o) // Mini Pouch (c/o)
I’ve been using Stephanie Johnson products for years. I kind of love having matching sets while packing (for some reason it makes me feel more like a “real” adult ha). They’re great for fitting everything (all the essentials + the extras that you might need) and really do keep everything organized. They sent me a few new bags at the beginning of the year and I’ve certainly gotten major use out of them.
The inside of the ML Traveler is the best. Zippered pouches to keep everything organized, but they’re see-through so you can find everything super easily. And it all zips up beautifully with nice handles.
And… everything can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if something happens to spill inside. Hello, perfect. These have been really key in keeping organized and not forgetting stuff at home or in the hotel.

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Thanks for these tips! I always tend to forget something however I've gotten better at packing over the years. PS Love matching toiletry cases.

JoyBeth Berry

I actually keep a toiletry bag packed at all times so I never have to bother packing it! When I get back home, I see what needs to be replaced, then it's ready for the next time! Saves me a lot of headache when I travel.