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Treasuring Every Second

I know this sounds like a line, but I really don’t take any time with my parents for granted. Someone messaged me last week about how I deal with not living near my family. It’s complicated, and I have a lot of emotion around it, but I have to say that it makes the time I do spend with them extra special. Because I don’t see them every day, not a second is wasted when I am with them.

I was so excited when this campaign from Macy’s for Citizen watches popped up in my inbox. I knew my mom and dad would be the perfect recipients for the watches and they were thrilled when I told them they could pick out whatever watch they wanted. (Seriously, they were so cute; consulting each other about which to choose.)

When it comes to holiday gifts, watches are such a no-brainer. The Citizen watches are both great and functional without breaking the bank. My mom was really in love with the look of hers, and my dad was raving about his and the Eco-Drive technology that they run on (he did all the research on his own)!


Aren’t they cute? I love that the watches are a symbolic representation of spending time together! (Because at the end of the day, isn’t that the one thing everyone had more of?)

Citizen Watches

My mom went with this super cute white one. It has a white silicone band that looks super chic. The silicone is so much more functional, especially for my mom who spends a lot of time baking! She’s been sending me photos of her wearing the watch with her different outfits too. It also fits in perfectly with the stack of gold bracelets that she wears every day.

Citizen Eco-Drive Women's White Silicone Strap Watch 36mm

My dad, who spends all of his spare time golfing, picked out this sporty watch with a rubber band. He was telling me about all the things it does. With the Eco-Drive technology, the watch actually charges itself from light (including artificial), so you never have to change batteries or worry about the watch stopping from lack of movement. His also has an altimeter and a compass.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Promaster Altichron Black Rubber Strap Watch 46mm Citizen Watch


Shop more Citizen watches perfect for holiday gifting:



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Sarah Gouin

Love your parents’ choices! My husband, son and I all wear Citizen watches and love them!


Your Mom and Dad are so awesome. give us more. Like to know what your Mom wears. Seen her outfits and she dresses great. Great gift inspiration for our Moms.


Your parents are so cute! I love the watch your mom chose.

I too know the feeling of living away from family. The time spent together is so cherished and special to me.


So stinkin cute they are! I’m equally in those gold bangles you’re mom is sporting. Where are they from? So chic.


Grr iPhone auto correct. Meant to type I’m equally interested in the gold bangles your mom is sporting.