“Treat Love and Color” by Essie

For my seventh birthday, my mom and sister gave me this little treasure box (that had photos of puppies all over it) filled with nail polishes. It was such a fun gift for a little girl. I remember going through the box picking out a neon yellow and an electric blue for Fourth of July. I kept that box until I was a pre-teen when I eventually outgrew it. I actually gave up nail polish for a while and then I in love with it again in college.

Once I got the hang of the perfect at-home manicure, I was hooked. I became that girl who’d paint her nails every week! Painting my own nails is something that I seriously enjoy doing. Even now, I prefer to paint my own nails versus going to a salon! I’m forced to sit still for twenty minutes while the polish dries, and I use it as a time to meditate if I’m feeling productive or watching an episode of television if I just want some time to turn off my brain for a bit.

I’m excited to be partnering with essie on this post to talk about their new line of polishes. As a big fan of essie, I was excited as a regular consumer (not just a blogger) to hear that they released a new collection called “Treat Love & Color.” I’m all for giving my nails a little TLC and nail polish is an inexpensive way to treat yourself a bit too.

Essie Treat Love and Color

Back Row: Glowing Strong, In a Blush, Mint Condition, Mauve–Tivation, A-Game, Tonal Taupe

Front Row: Indi-Go For It, Sheers to You, Loving Hue, Laven-Dearly, Treat Me Bright, Minimally Modest

New Essie Polish

New Essie Polish

Treat Love & Color by essie has twenty-six beautiful shades specially formulated to treat and color nails with one polish. After wearing the polish for just one week, you can see up to 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage. Especially in the winter, I struggle with dryness and my nails are no exception. Treat Love & Color helps strengthen dry and brittle nails.

I love that you don’t have to use a separate product to get the strengthening benefits. To be perfectly honest, I’d almost always skip that crucial step and go straight to the color out of laziness. So a one-step product? Count me in!!!

Among the polishes, there are cream, shimmer, and sheer shades.

Here are two of my favorite colors from the collection:

Essie Power Punch Pink

Power Punch Pink is a creamier light pink. It’s a pretty pink if you want something that has color without being overpowering.


I also love Minimally Modest. While I love a polish with a bit of color, I also love a great neutral for a low-maintenance everyday look. This one is slightly sheer but still has just enough color, like a French manicure pink.

If you work in an office where you want to look professional and put together, I can’t recommend it enough!

Essie Treat Love and Color Sheer Pink

Look how gorgeous that shine is!!! It looks so clean and beautiful.

Minamally ModestThank you ShopStyle and essie for sponsoring this post! 

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Allie McWilliams

Would love to see a post on how you perfected the at-home manicure! I love having my nails done, but I feel like they are always tacky, even after letting them dry for 30 minutes and I always end up messing them up. I am also not the best at painting my dominant hand with my non-dominant.


I second this! No matter how long I let them dry, they always end up smearing at night with my sheets (even if I paint them at 10am!). Any top coat recommendations would be great too.


Two tricks. Creamier polishes (in my experience) take longer to dry… so I try to pick ones that aren’t as goopy in the bottle. And, if you do three VERY thin layers and let them dry between layering it helps prevent smearing. The smearing happens for me when I “goop” the layers on too much and the top dries and the inside is still liquid!


Literally went out this morning to buy a new polish! Love “glowing strong” and it goes on so smoothly!


I love using the lighter shades of the treatment colors as a base color for other polishes. They keep my nails from staining and give more of a depth/pop to whatever color I put on top.


I love going in for a good pedicure, but I am definitely done getting manicures. Even the gel manicures or dip that I’ve been getting are peeling and just plain bad lately. I’ll have to try this! Thanks!


I went with Pinked to Perfection and it really is perfection! Made for a relaxing Sunday night, thanks for the recommendation.