Everyday Outfits

Last week I put up a video on my Youtube channel with easy, everyday looks. I do wear the outfits that I put on my blog, and I’m for sure a more casual “fashion” blogger than most. I don’t know… sometimes I feel like blogger/Instagrammer outfits tend to be a little costumey. Yes, they’re gorgeous but often they’re just not that practical.

I work from home and wear a gown maybe three times a year. Mostly, I wear cute workout outfits (especially on days where I’m out with the dogs or going to the gym) or something like one of these outfits! Super simple and easy.

Outfit #1:

Cuffed Shirt
Ballet Flats

Outfit #2:

Striped Shirt (c/o)
Similar Flats

Outfit #3:

Similar Skirt

Outfit #4:

Similar Pants
Similar Shoes

Outfit #5:
Similar Top
Ballet Flats (c/o)

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I love the tunic outfit the most. You can throw either a long cardigan sweater or a jacket and are good to go run your errands.


I’m a teacher and I feel like my clothes are always just like your “everyday outfits”. Casual yet chic and timeless! I like to be as covered as humanly possible since I teach middle school ha! My co-workers wear leggings as pants which I think is completely inappropriate BUT they always comment how I look so nice and dressed up. In reality I think I’m as casual as could be. But I guess compared to leggings, it is ha! It is always interesting to see what people wear who work from home. I see everything from super dressy to pajamas. If I ever took the plunge, I feel I’d dress very similar to your style! Casual, comfy but still looking super nice and put together! Most likely if I wore pajamas I’d just lounge around allll day. Hope you have a great weekend!

Katie |


I agree! They can be so costumey and over the top. I love your style and how relatable it is but it is still aspirational too.


Love this! I have unfollowed so many bloggers recently simply because their content is just not relatable or accessible or they go into a direction that just seems artificial and I love that you stay true to yourself and your style


We’re so similar! My
wardrobe is full of striped shirts and sweaters and ballet flats are my go-tos. Since high school, my friends have told me I need to branch out from wearing so much navy. Your diamond and sapphire ring looks very similar to my wedding band!


This post is exactly why you are my favorite blogger to follow! I love your style and they are so wearable. Thank you Carly. It’s my first time seeing one of your vlogs. You are equally adorable in video form.