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I was a little high strung this week. I try my best to keep my control-freakness in check but sheesh, I struggled big time one day.

But you know what made up for that? It was 70 degrees on Wednesday. I walked into the gym (which, by the way, I don’t know how I used to function without working out, haha) and it was super foggy and when I walked out an hour and a half later, it was GLORIOUSLY sunny. I met up with my friend at the beach and we just walked up and down the shore with the dogs, catching up and soaking in the sun. It’s so crazy how one sunny, warm day can make such a big difference in attitude.

Carly Heitlinger

Cardigan (c/o)

ONE // Up First Podcast

A reader recommended this podcast to me (thanks Olivia!) and I’m so glad she did. The podcast, by NPR, is a short digest of the news you need to know. If you’re looking for a great way to get the news that’s vetted and not sensationalist, definitely download it. I will say, it tends to be more domestically focused, so you’ll still have to get your international news elsewhere.

TWO // Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn

Did you hear the news?! Lilly just announced a big collab with Pottery Barn, PB Teen, and Pottery Barn Kids. I’m already anticipating pure mayhem among the most devoted Lilly fans! They just launched a fun contest to celebrate the announcement.

THREE // Brielle on Ellen

Brielle from the Ellen show is such a brilliant little girl. I always love when she’s a guest because a) she’s adorable and b) she is so smart. She was back this week sharing some scientific knowledge. Loved the way she joked about the Robert Hooke portrait.

FOUR // Scalloped Trench

Do you guys remember my Kate Spade scalloped trench I got back when I lived in NYC? Well, Draper James just released a nearly identical version. I still get emails about the Kate Spade coat so I thought I’d share the Draper James coat in case you’ve been looking for one too.

FIVE // Rattan Handbag

It’s alllllllmost wicker bag season. Last year, I carried this circle one almost every day. (Were you sick of seeing it on my blog haha!) I just found this one and, ugh, I want it. The striped lining is SO cute. It comes in a natural and white.


PS I made a Facebook group for CTP readers! You can request to join here!

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I’m obsessed wit that scallop trench, I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks. I think it might end up being an early birthday present to myself! 🙂

XO Malinda


Soo I wasn’t sure on the wicker bag but it is so cute! I am really contemplating on getting one now. Being in FL, I feel like I could pull it off year round. And I can’t wait to see the Lilly collab! You can never go wrong with Lilly. Have a great weekend!

Jordyn Sifferman

I LOVE that scalloped trench, thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully you won’t feel as controlling next week (no judgement though as I struggle with the same sort of control issues).


SO excited about the Lilly collab with PB! I have been waiting for new Lilly bedding since the Garnet Hill collection ended a few years ago! Thanks for sharing!!


SO excited about the Pottery Barn x Lilly Pulitzer collaboration! Thanks for the heads up on the contest!
Chelsey |