Feeling At Home with Macy’s

I’m going to be making a bigger announcement post, but (!!!) my boyfriend and I are moving in together next week! The list of things that have to get done seems to be getting longer by the day. As excited as I am, one sad thing is that I can no longer use my monogrammed bedding. (He actually said he didn’t care, haha, but I think it’d just be weird.) When living with anyone, but especially a guy, it can be a challenge to figure out how to blend two different styles together for interiors. I want to make sure our place works for both of us.

When Macy’s came to me about doing a sponsored post for their home department, the timing could not have been better. I haven’t officially moved yet, but I’ve been test running the new bedding here in Connecticut, and I love it so much.

We both (thankfully!) like navy so I tried to stay in that lane. Overall I wanted the bedding to look clean and not too feminine.

Carly Prepster Bedroom

One thing I didn’t anticipate about being an adult was how much I’d love linens. It’s such a satisfying feeling to pull out a brand new set of sheets. And I swear, I always have an incredible night of sleep the first night with brand new sheets.

Macy’s amazing home department has a huge selection of sheets. Even if you don’t want to do a whole bedroom overhaul, getting a fresh set of sheets can do the trick. You can go for something fun like the “Whim” line by Martha Stewart, or something totally clean and streamlined from Hotel Collection, or a classic set from Ralph Lauren.

Navy and White Bedding

I looked for something that would give a “hotel vibe,” but still had some personality. I chose this Lauren Ralph Lauren duvet. It’s luxurious (sateen) while still being durable (cotton). Both are important to me for comfort and practical purposes considering I have two pups.

Instead of doing classic white sheets which is normally my go-to for bedding, I picked out this navy and white basketweave set. It’s a fun “pop” against the white duvet. For the photos, I had the euro shams in front, but I like the print of the sheets so much that I’ve been putting my regular pillows front and center.

Ralph Lauren Navy Duvet

Toy Poodle

Teddy approves!


For the foot of the bed, I went with this navy coverlet. It’s gorgeous in person and might be my favorite part of the new setup. It breaks up the white nicely! Also, because I let the dogs sleep in bed with me, I pull it up at night to cover the white duvet. It’s so much easier to toss the coverlet in the wash than to deal with a duvet.

Macy's Bedding

Also, fun fact! My bed is from Macy’s too. I bought it three years ago when I moved out of NYC, and I think it was the best buy furniture-wise. It has six deep drawers (three on each side), perfect for extra storage in a smaller apartment.

Carly Heitlinger

Duvet Cover (c/o) // Sheet Set (c/o) // Extra Pillowcases (c/o) // Euro Sham (c/o) // Coverlet (c/o)

Thank you Macy’s and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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theyre showing as in stock for me! Thanks, Carly – and best of luck with your upcoming move 🙂


Hi Carly! I know you had a post about this before but I can’t find it – who is the artist that painted the pictures over your bed? I love them and want to get one, I just can’t find who it is! Love this post!


Carly, congratulations! As someone planning a move with my SO in the future, I can’t wait for your posts on how you’ll blend your styles in the same space. Your authentic content has kept me coming back to your thoughts for years and I’m excited to see what’s next for you…


Love how relaxing and crisp your navy and white bedroom is! The pop of pattern on the sheets is the perfect complement to the white bedding.


In regards to your other monogrammed bedding. You can have the maker make new shams/euros and still use them. Sometimes custom made means you have the availability of making a change with little effort as long as they still have the same color thread and type sham. I have done this several times to accommodate change. Your new bedding looks great.


We’re not married though so I we don’t share a monogram… and my monogram hasn’t changed, it’s just not going to be “my” bed 🙈

Taylor Hoffman

1. AHHH I cannot wait to see where you move to!
2. Congratulations on moving in with your bf!!
3. LOVE love love the duvet and sheets – so classic in my opinion.


Navy & white forever <3 <3 <3
My husband, oddly enough, was the one who taught me about good linens when we started dating. We've outfitted all our rooms, guest and master, with Macy's! Charter Club is amazing for basics. All our down duvets are Charter Club. The guest beds have Charter Club SleepCool sheets on them and sometimes I am a little tempted to sleep there just to try them out myself. They are so soft! We have a Hotel Collection linen duvet for summer and it is luxurious! I love bedding almost more than I love fashion. I struggle with decorating until it comes to bedding 🙂 Thanks for sharing and congrats on the big move!
Ps. The absolutely BEST sheets we've ever had in our lives are Thomas Lee Luxury sheets. Only available through it's own website and worth the price.


Congrats, Carly! I totally agree about getting excited about linens as an adult haha. I love the feeling of cozying up in fresh sheets!

Kayla Rose

Just last week I upgraded my crummy old sheets to a set of beautiful blue printed Ralph Lauren sheets. I can’t believe how much of a difference these new sheets have made for how I feel when I crawl into bed. Love them!
Congratulations on your upcoming move! I am looking forward to seeing how you blend your styles and decorate your new place.


How exciting! I moved in with my boyfriend about 2 years ago and we have very different styles – it’s sometimes still a challenge to blend our styles together. Have fun! This transition phase will be both stressful and exciting 🙂


I am a longtime reader but am finally chiming in. About a decade ago, I started exclusively using Macy’s Charter Club’s Damask Stripe sheets. My sister came over to my apartment and saw them, and asked for a set for Christmas that year. Then my parents saw those sheets on her bed. I think among my family we collectively have purchased at least a dozen sets of those sheets plus shams, duvets, etc. Macy’s has such great home items!

I love your blog and congrats on all of your exciting news from one preppy to another.


All the best for your upcoming move!

My four year relationship recently ended. I am finding hope for the future in seeing other people recover from heartbreak to go onto bigger and better relationships. I would love a post on that subject, if it’s something you feel you can write about!


Hi Carly,
Just wondering, are you moving into your boyfriend’s place, or are the two of you moving into a new place together? Both situations create their own challenges, but with your taste, I am sure your new home will look beautiful! Your blue & white coloring in your bedroom looks very nice … cool, calm, and nautical …

Southern & Style

Love the look you achieved! I really wanted a comforter set like this one, but white is just not super practical for my messy husband who likes to sit on the bed when he comes in from work-oh, and our black lab who doesn’t even get on the bed, but his hair manages to migrate everywhere! The sheets are my all-time favorite part of the entire look 🙂

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


Congratulations on the move Carly! I love the bedroom setup – I’ve been looking for a similar piped/stitched linen set so will have to take a peep at Macy’s! Can I ask where you purchased your pyjamas from? They look so comfy! xx